6 reasons to buy Modibodi’s Active Brief – running undies with effective absorbency

Australian women love to run, but over a third experience urinary incontinence while jogging, commonly referred to as a leaky bladder. They also encounter problems with discharge and minor menstrual bleeding that can disrupt their workout schedules or significant racing events. Modibodi’s Active Brief provides a stylish, affordable, and reusable underwear solution. This gives Australian women the freedom to work out at their convenience, anywhere they choose, without embarrassment.

Gone are the days of needing to plan a run with toilet stops, and performing pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the core muscles to prevent a leaky bladder. Modibodi, an Australian company, has created the most affordable yet effective pair of underwear that allows women to run and hit the gym anytime anywhere. Featuring patented innovative clothing engineering, the absorbency of the underwear is truly amazing.

If you are considering buying underwear for your running or gym work out, then you need to read the six key reasons to Modibodi’s Active Brief.

1. Effective

Absorbency can hold up to 10ml, the equivalent of two tampons or two teaspoons. Given how thin and unnoticeable the padding is, the effectiveness is truly amazing.

The effectiveness of the Active Brief is quite extraordinary. The undies remains dry to touch with light bladder leaking, sweat or discharge. It can be used for those long runs or lengthy gym sessions. But probably what’s really great, is that they can withstand the high impact short interval running which places further stress on the bladder.

Modibodi’s Active Brief is highly effective.

2. Comfortable

No hiking up or needing to pull up. Modibodi Active Brief fits perfectly to allow you to focus on your training.

Often you will find with disposable absorbent underwear that papery rough sensation. It is completely opposite with the Active Brief. It can be described more appropriately as being the same, if not, more comfortable that normal undies. Designed for running and the gym workout session, the undies don’t hitch up or need adjusting. You can simply focus on the training and not worry about mishaps or embarrassment.

Modibodi’s Active Briefs are extremely comfortable.

3. Affordable

Compared to other products on the market, Modibodi Active Brief is by far the cheapest on the market.

How much do you think this costs? I kid you not, it is only $32.50. Heck, it’s even cheaper than your standard Lululemon or Lorna Jane, and they don’t even have any absorbency at all!

But, yes there are other active wear absorbent garments in the market.

But none as affordable as Modibodi’s Active Briefs.

4. Eco-friendly

Modibodi’s Active Brief is reusable, it is NOT disposable which is better for the environment.

We live in a day and age that sustainability is extremely important. Disposable or throw away garments are not great for the environment, and thus the Active Brief is designed to be reusable and easy to wash. The innovative design uses a mixture of fabric such as merino wool, polyester and lycra. There is no need to use fabric softener, simply rinse in cold water, wash in cold water and hang to dry. It cannot be more eco friendly than this.

Modibodi’s Active Briefs are sustainable and eco-friendly.

5. Stylish

The Active Brief is extremely cool. It can be used as an underwear or simply straight out for training.

It comes is in a cool black and in various sizes to meet the needs of all body shapes. Unlike many disposable absorbent garments, the Active Brief is not chunky or noticeable. It appears to be like any other underwear, if not cooler!

Modibodi’s Active Brief’s are trendy and cool!

6. Ethically Produced

Modibodi is proud to explain that their clothing is produced ethically. First, they use sustainable and eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo, Tencel, and recycled nylon, in their products. Second, they ensure that their factories adhere to ethical and fair labour practices, such as paying workers a fair wage, providing safe working conditions, and ensuring that there is no forced or child labour involved in the production process. Lastly, they work with suppliers who share their values and commitment to sustainability and ethical production.

Modibodi’s Active Brief’s are ethically produced


Modibodi’s Active Briefs are truly amazing at unbelievable affordability. You would be crazy to purchase any other underwear with the same absorbency AND reusable. There are some in the market that cost from $75USD reaching up to $150USD! There are some in the market that are disposable which aren’t great for the environment.

Modibodi’s Active Briefs are by far the leading underwear for women who want to have the freedom to run and workout anywhere, anytime.

About Modibodi

Modibodi is Australia’s #1 leading incontinence and period garment fashion producer for women. It is also branching out for incontinence fashion for men.

Founded by Kristy Chong in 2013, Modibodi was created from frustration of not being able to find a suitable active underwear that could allow her to run freely anywhere, anytime without the embarrassment. Since 2013 Modibodi has grown significantly, expanding its product range to meet the needs of all people of various shapes and sizes and with personal needs. There are no excuses to be active anymore.

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Why not consider being comfortable at home and at a casual outdoor setting, without the need to wear active incontinence gym wear.

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Modibodi and Thinx both cater for the urine incontinence market. Their products include both casual wear and active wear for running and gym sessions. Modibodi products however are by far cheaper and just as effective.
Where can I get Modibodi discounts?
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