5 Steps: Writing Killer Content to Rank in Google

5 Steps: Writing Killer Content to Rank in Google

Are you looking to create content that secures top positions on Google?

Writing content for a web page may at first seem easy, and yes it is if you don’t want it to rank in Google. But what’s the point of not having it rank on Google, because the whole point of creating a web page is to get eye balls reading it.

Having a web page rank on Google is not easy. Often SEO experts will throw around jargon such as targeting “keyword phrases” and “link juice”. And they can’t articulate how to use keyword phrases or what impact does linking have. These SEO experts will then charge you an arm and a leg, and spend your money with writing content with keyword phrases and buying back links. They will even ask you to spend money on Social Media, creating Facebook posts, Instagram pictures, Twitter feeds. At the end of the day, this is all baloney. Social Media is a waste of money, unless you are selling a product that is specific to visual attributes. Perhaps, clothing (fashion), holidays and travel, and food, but definitely NOT financial services, insurance and banking, review heavy products and technical services.

To have a page rank in Google, you simply need to write good quality content. That’s very much the key for having a page rank. Okay, that sounds too easy, but it isn’t. “Good quality content” takes a lot of time and effort.

In the next 5 paragraphs we define key elements in writing quality content for Google, which will help get your web pages to rank.

1. It must be useful

Writing a page of content must be useful. Ask someone else to read your page after you have written it, and see if they can find some use to it. It might be boring, but that is besides the point. If it is filled with factual statements or provides a lot of opinion and food for thought, then it is good. If it is full of fluff and you know what I mean – sentences that are padded with words that mean nothing – then the content is poor.

Make sure the content is useful. Google will recognise how useful the content is, and will slow push your page higher in ranking.

2. The page has structure

It isn’t vital to have structure for a page to rank, but overall good structure certainly will help your page rank quicker than a page that has no structure.

Structure helps with making the page useful for readers. Google knows this and therefore will rank it quicker. And in reality, structure usually helps readers to read your entire page.

If you don’t have good structure, it may hinder the ability of your page to rank higher. Having poor structure, normally, makes it difficult for the reader to understand your points, and may find your page less useful.

3. At least more than 400 words

Now this isn’t always true. There are some pages that rank extremely high that are less than 400 words, however this is extremely rare. Most pages that rank are more than 400 words. Again, this relates to how useful your content is. Yes, is it possible to create useful content in less than 400 words. However Google knows that quality content, more often than not, requires more than 400 words.

You will find that pages that rank higher, usually have lengthy content.

4. Use H2 and Page Contents

Again, not always true, however through my experience having a “Page Content” allows Google to see that there is structure. A Page Content or a Table of Contents should appear after the Page Title or after the first paragraph, which is usually the introduction. To create a Page Content, Heading 2 (H2) is needed. DO NOT have more than one H1. A web page can only have one H1 which is the page title. Following which begin using H2 for each new section.

The flow of the web page should therefore be as follows:

H1 at the top, then followed by several H2’s. There may be a H3’s thrown in as well, but in general, H1 then H2’s is sufficient.

5. Do NOT make it sales pitchy

Readers are smart. When you begin to write like a Multi Level Marketer trying to sell you 10 kitchen knives with 5 free hunting knives and a bonus pocket knife if you “Buy Now” in 4 easy installments, then STOP. Rewrite your page without the gimmicks. State the facts, keep it simple and do not go overboard.

Readers will be more receptive of clean, useful content. They will appreciate the facts and the simple language, rather than be turned off by the overused sales words. Sincerity and authenticity is extremely important. Keep true to simple, plain language, and don’t go overboard.


Writing good quality web pages takes time and effort. To have a web page rank, requires a lot of thought regarding content structure and usefulness. A good web page may take several days and sometimes weeks.

Don’t make word count too thin, otherwise it won’t be able to compete with other sites with web pages with far more content. Once you have written a good quality high content page, then allow for 6 months to see if it ranks. Yes, this is a long time, however there’s no magic trick that you can perform to ensure that a web page will rank.

There’s only three things that are guaranteed in life, and having a good quality page rank ,”high” in Google is not one of them.

But, in general, these 5 key elements will help support your web page rank in Google.