6 Things Students Need to Know with a Gong Cha job

Are you a student on the hunt for a part-time job? Or are you presently employed and experiencing concerns?

Gong Cha, a popular bubble tea chain, may be on your list of potential employers. Working at Gong Cha can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it’s important to know what to expect before applying. From job requirements to work culture, there are several things to consider when being employed by Gong Cha.

Let’s take a closer look at what you should look out for when seeking employment at Gong Cha as a student.

1. Work Environment

Gong Cha is a fast-paced, customer-oriented business. Typically, you will be required to work long hours, stand for extended periods of time, and maintain a professional demeanor at all times. At times, the pace can become extremely busy, depending on the location of the store. You may be afforded some down time, however, Gong Cha stores are usually operated quite lean, and therefore you will be occupied with intensive tasks for most of the working hours. You definitely will not get bored.

This is quite different to an office job, where the pace can become slow, and you will not be required to be on your feet all the time.

2. Flexibility

Gong Cha operates in many locations across Australia, which may require you to travel or work at different locations. You should be open to working in different environments and be flexible with your schedule.

That said, most of the time, you will be required to work at one or a few designated stores. If you are not wanting to attend stores which extend beyond your travel limit, you should discuss this with the Gong Cha employer.

3. Job Responsibilities

Gong Cha student employees are responsible for a variety of tasks, including preparing and serving beverages, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene standards, and providing excellent customer service.

Key skills will require you to interact professionally with customers. Take their orders, make the beverages, ensure a safe and clean working environment, co-ordinate with fellow peers.

You should be comfortable with these responsibilities and able to perform them effectively.

4. Training

Gong Cha provides training to all new employees to ensure that they are knowledgeable about the company, its products, and its procedures.

The quality of training varies from store to store.

Most stores, will ask you to join a trial period of up to four weeks. During this period you will be assessed on how well you can remember the method of creating each beverage, the pricing, your attention to detail and hygiene.

This trial period is also known as a probation period. A probation period, usually means that the employer or employee has the option to resign from the job at any time. However, there is an unspoken rule that advanced notice is given to each party.

Training is required in any new job. Gong Cha’s training program is usually quite thorough with an expectation that you are committed to doing your best.

5. Salary and Benefits

The salary and benefits offered by Gong Cha will vary depending on the location and position.

Underpayment is a serious issue in the bubble tea industry and can have long-lasting impacts on the financial stability of individuals. For students, who are often balancing work and study, being underpaid can have significant effects on their ability to make ends meet. Therefore, it is important for students to be aware of their rights as employees and what to look out for when being employed by Gong Cha.

Because most stores will require you to commit to a probation period, your hourly rate will be discounted below $20 per hour.

In some stores, the rate has been as low as $16.

You should reject this, as it is considered a breach of award wage (depending on your age).

If you pass the probation period, you will be hired at what should be the award hourly rate, which is above $20 per hour.

You should inquire about the compensation package during the interview process and ensure that it meets your expectations.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision about whether Gong Cha is the right employer for you.

6. Tips and advice for students who are currently working at Gong Cha

Make sure you understand the expectations of your employer

Although you may have already started working for Gong Cha, there could be some things that have not been discussed. If there is any ambiguity, do not be afraid to ask. The worst outcome is that you work many hours without pay, and you don’t have a long term job that you were hoping for.

Continue to look for other jobs

There are many jobs out there that would pay more, and be more suitable to your career aspirations (unless you plan to start your own bubble tea franchise). Do not feel you are stuck at Gong Cha.

If you are committed to working at Gong Cha, then do your best to perform

Within reason, do your best with remembering the beverages, creating the beverages with quality and in a professional manner for paying customers, and keeping the premises clean and hygienic. No, we aren’t recommending staying up all night and studying their beverages as if it were a uni exam. But rather, do apply diligence, discipline and professionalism. These little things, do go a long way.

Know when to cut your losses

If you feel that you are not learning anything, you have not been paid for hours that you have worked for, or have been underpaid, or that the environment is unbearable, you need to plan for your exit. Look hard for other jobs, whilst attempting to recover unpaid wages. Attempt to transition fast out of Gong Cha, so that you can move onto better things.

Do NOT attempt to stick it out, and hope that things will become better. In business, employers often hold the upperhand.

Student Employee Comments

“Oh my goodness, this job is just insane! I mean, the intensity of it all is just overwhelming! I’m expected to do everything from start to finish, with no breaks or time to rest. It’s like a never-ending cycle of chaos and exhaustion!

Opening the shop, cleaning, receiving stock, preparing ingredients and utensils, reconciling cash, and closing up shop – it’s just too much for one person to handle! And don’t even get me started on dealing with customers! Some of them can be so difficult and impatient, changing their minds at the last minute and expecting me to read their minds!

And let’s not forget about the hundreds of beverage combinations that I’m supposed to remember! It takes so much time to learn them all, and even then, the processes are not streamlined at all. Sometimes, they’re downright confusing and illogical.

Oh, and don’t even think about working here if you don’t speak Chinese! Most of the employees speak in Mandarin or Cantonese, and it can be a real struggle to get along with them if you don’t know a few words.

To top it all off, the pay is below par when compared to other food chains. I was roped into the probation period at only $16 per hour (didn’t know this was low at the time of signing up). If you’re desperate for a job and can speak Chinese, Gong Cha might be your only option, otherwise look for something else.”

About Gong Cha Australia

Gong Cha bubble tea, which originated in Taiwan, has grown in popularity worldwide, including Australia. This unique beverage combines fresh tea leaves with milk, fruit, or other flavorings, and includes tapioca pearls, also known as boba, as a fun and chewy addition. The drink has become a trendy and refreshing alternative to coffee and traditional teas, especially among younger generations.

Gong Cha has become a favorite spot for many Australians seeking a refreshing drink that offers a unique experience. Its popularity has grown rapidly in recent years, with many new locations popping up across the country. Gong Cha’s menu includes a wide range of flavors and variations, from classic milk tea to fruit-infused options.

Additionally, the brand’s commitment to quality and freshness has garnered a loyal following. Gong Cha uses only the freshest ingredients and tea leaves in their drinks, ensuring that every cup is of the highest quality. They also offer customizable options, allowing customers to tailor their drinks to their specific preferences.

Overall, Gong Cha bubble tea’s popularity in Australia continues to grow, with more and more people discovering this delicious and unique beverage. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a newcomer to the world of bubble tea, Gong Cha is definitely worth checking out.


I have started working for Gong Cha and have not been paid, what can I do?

First, discuss with the store manager or the owner. There may be technical reasons why you have not been paid.

If you are unable to resolve the issue and Gong Cha has no valid reason for withholding your wages due to you, please leave a Reply message below, and we will attempt to contact them on your behalf to resolve.

If unresolved, we recommend contacting the Fairwork Obudsman, the Australian government department that is responsible for employment complains and other issues.

Does Gong Cha pay well?

Salaries and wagers differ from store to store and change over time. However, currently Gong Cha pays approximately 10% below what other potential part-time student employment offers at other Food and Beverage operators.

Do I need to speak Chinese?

Gong Cha originated from Taiwan, and has become one of the largest bubble tea franchises in the world. In Australia, Gong Cha stores have a diverse range of customers. Though, some store owners may prefer that you are able to speak Chinese, it is not a requirement.

How long is the probation period at Gong Cha?

The probation period varies from store to store. On average the probation period is four weeks. However some stores have been known to extend their probation period up to 3 months. Consider carefully the probation period, because the pay during this period is at a lower rate than post-probation.