6 Top Golf Ball Stencils

golf ball stencils

Are you looking for the best Golf Ball Stencils?

We review the most popular 6 Golf Ball Stencils

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world, that everyone is playing. Doesn’t matter if you are short or tall, fit or not – golf can be played by anyone who can swing a golf club and connect with the golf ball. The beauty of golf is that everyone is at a level playing field, irrespective of their physique.

Every golf player, has encountered losing their ball into the bushes, lost in the thick of trees, or just plain out of sight disappeared. Most times, the ball can be found and more often than not found with several other balls that were also mishit!

The great thing is, your not alone with hitting such a bad shot. The bad thing, which one is your ball! All the balls look alike!

Well guess what! There are golf ball stencils that you can buy to distinguish your ball from the others! That’s right, in using these stencils you can easily mark and color your ball so that it is easily distinguishable from others. The stencils are really easy to use, and markings do not impact the flight of the ball.

We review the 7 most popular golf ball stencils.

Golf ball stencil 1. Soccerball

golf ball soccer ball stencil

Who doesn’t love the world game called football (also known as soccer). The beauty of the the football/soccer ball stencil is that it is symmetrical, so if you have any concerns that the flight of the ball will be impacted by the markings, then this is the stencil to buy. The markings will be perfectly aligned to give equal coverage across all areas of the golf ball.

The soccer ball stencil is really popular as it simply just looks so cool, especially after hitting the ball and seeing it spin in flight. It’s an excellent way to track the ball, and of course makes it a talking point among players who come across it. Truly and iconic pattern, and one that many players are jealous of, if you are using it!

Golf ball stencil 2. Incognito man

golf ball incognito man stencil

The second most popular stencil is the incognito man. Everyone know the incognito screens on their cellphones, and the incognito man is well recognized. Ironic isn’t it? The incognito man stencil places great coverage around the golf ball, and is just as easily distinguishable as the iconic soccer ball stencil.

Golf ball stencil 3. Arrow

golf ball arrow stencil

The third most popular stencil is the arrow. If you are looking for something much more practical, then the arrow stencil is for you. Point it in the right direction, and follow through with the arrow. Not a large coverage on the golf ball, and this is what makes it very popular for the minimalist player. Simple arrow, pointing in the right direction. Follow through with the arrow and drive straight.

Golf ball stencil 4. Maple Leaf

golf ball maple leaf stencil

The maple leaf of course reminds us of Canada. But maple trees and leafs can be found in many countries of the world, and the shape is without doubt one of the most recognizable leaf shapes. If you are Canadian, or love the contours of the maple leaf, then this stencil is for you. I like it for its natural feel with being in the woods. As you can also see by the image, the coverage of the markings is very small, so if you are concerned of markings impacting the flight of the ball, this is a good stencil to pick.

Golf ball stencil 5. Lucky dog

We now come to stencils which are perhaps more unique and fashionable. The lucky dog stencil would be great if you like dogs. It reminds me of the dog token when playing monopoly. The dog stencil is a nice icon that is neither too outrageous or exceedingly plain.

Golf ball stencil 6. Skull

I personally love the skull stencil. Easy to use, and gives a hard core – other players beware. Steal my ball and I will get you! LOL, just kidding. The skull, also synonymous with the pirate is a classic. You will be making pirate sounds throughout the day as you make your way from hole to hole.


Who doesn’t love to personalize their golf balls! Not only is it fun, but it makes finding your ball a whole lot easier. Golf ball stencil vary in price range and in quality – the most topping out at approximately 40USD. If you are looking for that quality look, then purchase a stencil that is made of steel rather than plastic. The finer the marker the clearer and more refined the image will be as well.

If you want to know more about golf ball stencils and want to buy some, then please contact me through this site.