9 Easy Steps In Person Sports Betting

If you’ve been checking out the board loaded with different odds and feel ready to go ahead and make a bet, don’t worry if you’re not quite sure about the next steps. There’s a comprehensive guide at your disposal to make things easier for you.

Step 1. Compile list of bets

Make a list of the rotation numbers and bet type for every bet you want to place. The betting sheets are great for this.

Write the type of bet next to each bet number i.e. moneyline, spread, over / under.

Step 2. Sufficient Funds

Check and double check that you have enough cash or voucher credit to cover all your wagers. Credit cards will not be accepted! If you’re in a big casino, they will sometimes accept chips at the betting window.

Step 3. Find the line

Make sure you don’t cut in line. During busier times, the line will be obvious, but sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between a person waiting for an open betting window as opposed to someone standing in front of the counter watching a game.

Step 4. Cash in Winning Tickets

When it’s your turn at the counter, hand the ticket writer any winning tickets from completed games. If your plan is to place new wagers using proceeds from winning bets, tell the ticket writer before he starts counting out your winnings in cash.

Step 5. Betting Details

Give the teller the essential information about your bet, slowly and clearly. If you’re going to place multiple bets, it doesn’t hurt to start by saying “I’ve got four different NBA bets.” While you don’t want to waste their time with superfluous information, you also want to set the teller up for successfully translating your words into betting tickets.

For each bet, the essential information is the rotation number, the type of bet (point spread, moneyline, or under/over) and the amount of your wager. For example, you might say “Bet Number 2101, moneyline, $50.

Step 6. Multi-team Bets say out it out loud

For multi-team bets like parlays and teasers, tell the bet writer up front what kind of bet you are placing. One bet might be “I want to do a two-team parlay on bet 103 and bet 150 under for $75,” which tells the bet writer exactly how much you want to wager and on what games.

Step 7. Printing the tickets

As you give the details of each bet, the ticket writer will punch the information into a sports book point of sale device, and the most helpful ones will state the name of the team that corresponds to the bet number you give as a way to confirm what you wanted to bet on. The printer will spit out your betting tickets out one at a time.

Step 8. Hand over the money

The ticket writer will tell you what you owe, and you will hand over the wager amount (in cash or in chips).

Step 9. Double Check and go watch the game

Double check your printed tickets before you leave the betting window. The odds can move up or down, but make sure that the bet number/team, bet type and bet amount is correct. After leaving the betting window the bet is final.


Placing an in-person bet is not too difficult. Remember, that you will need to ensure that you have sufficient funds to place and bet, and be ready with your betting rotation numbers and calling out the bet types for the bet writer. There is a particular etiquette with placing a bet, and that is to be prepared go in and place your bet in a good efficient manner. In busy times, most bettors want to place a bet quickly (especially if the game is coming up), so don’t dawdle around and chit chat to other players who are preparing to place a few bets and are waiting in line.

Good luck and enjoy your betting!