Boost your performance with Cycling Compression Socks

Increasingly popular among runners, cyclists are also discovering the advantages of using compression socks.

If you belong to a cycling group, you know full and well that the chit chat often revolves around the bike and accessories. But rarely does it deviate to the humble sock.

Well now, times are a changing, and cyclists who are looking for that extra edge are purchasing the best compression socks.

What are the benefits of Cycling Compression Socks?

Increase blood circulation – compression socks, as the name suggests applies pressure against the legs to promote blood circulation. You may have heard of passengers on planes wearing compression socks to prevent deep vein thrombosis. The same concept is applied for compression socks for cyclists. The compression increase blood circulation therefore improving oxygen efficiency and muscle recovery.

Regulate temperature – a good compression sock will help keep your legs warm and conversely during times of overexertion will dissipate the heat. Most effective for the cold weather riders, cycling compression socks made of a blend of spandex, lyrca and quality merino wool. These will keep you riding in comfort.

CEP Short 3.0 Compression Socks

The CEP Short 3.0 is one of the best, that comes in a wide range of lengths. They can come in either no show, mid cut or full length from knee down.

Comfy and cozy, excellent compression for when riding hard.

Indestructible Compression Socks