Why choose a Road Bike

Road bikes are extraordinary machines. With technological advancements annually, we witness new improvements that render these bicycles lighter, stronger, and faster. Anyone who has handled a high-end road bike can vouch for their astonishingly light weight. It’s easy to lift one with merely the palm of your hand. The wheels turn exceedingly smoothly, and gear changes are very efficient. It’s nearly inconceivable to consider how road bikes could possibly be improved further.

Such is the advancement in technology, that many cyclists are able to ride just as fast as cars, particularly in a city environment. At averages of 30km per hour, these speeds are nothing to be sneezed about.

So what makes road bikes so attractive when compared to other forms of cycling. We delve into a few reasons.


Who doesn’t love the lure of speed. Riding fast, with the rush of air passing you, is exhilarating. Pumping the legs and knowing with each pedal, you can feel power coursing through the bike. In particular going down hill brings forth bursts of excitement. And in an odd way, climbing hills efficiently and quickly on road bike also brings a lot of satisfaction.

Though, what riders enjoy the most is riding in a group and riding at speed in a group. The ability for riders to cut through the air together, give arise to efficiencies as a group. Unbeknownst to those who aren’t road bike cyclists, as a group greater speed is attained, and weaker riders can draft effectively to save energy and stay with the group. In essence, the speed of bicycles are becoming faster each year, bringing more enjoyment not only for individual rides but for group riding as well.

Riding afar

Riding is not as harsh on the body as running. And therefore it is possible for riders to ride for hours on end. In a two hour ride, at an average of 30km per hour, you could potentially clock up to 60kms (Assuming no traffic lights and stops). This a substantial distance! The pure sense of adventure and travelling distances which are out of reach as a runner, is extremely satisfying.

Save on transport costs

Road bikes are one of the most preferred modes of transport for commuting to and from work. They are quick, sturdy and often more reliable than buses and trains. In riding to and from work, not only do you save money, but you also give yourself a workout.