[AL] Alabama 18+ Casinos [2024]

Alabama 18+ Casinos acts as the leading resource for residents and visitors of Alabama, offering guidance on where to find gaming activities, the types of games on offer, and crucially, the legalities associated with them.

Alabama – the Yellowhammer State – offers a wide variety of gambling options, though as an operator they are quite limited. Alabama gambling laws are dictated by both Federal and State laws, which have seen significant changes in the recent years – particularly in sports betting.

Alabama gaming operators are limited to native American tribes whom offer Class II gaming, bingo and slots. They are technically not permitted to offer Vegas like games which are considered as Class III – these include poker, blackjack, craps and roulette. However some forms (hybrids) can be found electronically, but definitely there are no live dealer games.

Race track betting (both OTB and at premise) is legal, coupled with simulcast.

There is no state lottery, but much discussion has been had by lawmakers to legalize a lottery in the past couple of years. Surprisingly, Alabama is one of the few states in the US, that does not offer lottery.

Sports Betting remains illegal within the State, but is available online at offshore sports betting sites.

Bingo and other Charitable gaming, such as raffles, pull tabs are offered at various licensed and approved organizations.

Legal Gambling Alabama for 18 year olds

Alabama has various legal minimum ages depending on the type of gambling. As an 18 year old, you are permitted to participate in pari-mutuel wagering on the horses. However the Birmingham Greyhound Race Track, they only accept players 19 and older. This is due to other games being offered such as bingo which requires a minimum age of 19.

Alabama 18 + Online Gambling

Online gambling is not permitted to be offered by local (onshore) operators in Alabama. Both State and Federal laws are clear and strict in regards to who can offer gambling within the state, however the same cannot be said for offshore providers (which of course can only provide via online).

Through loose interpretation of gambling laws and how international laws behave, offshore providers are able to remain outside the bounds of Alabama/US law.

In regards to players, there is no law that prevents a player from participating with online gaming. As a result, you will be able to find various offshore sites, from bingo, casino games to sports betting – which accept Alabama players.

Once again, strictly speaking, there are no laws which directly prevent a player from gambling at offshore sites.

As a result, there are various offshore sites which accept 18+ players from Alabama.

BUT – please note, that each online site has the ability to set their own gambling legal requirements, and they must abide by the gambling laws of their jurisdiction. Accordingly, there are many online sites that DO NOT accept 18 year olds.

Online Casino Games

There is a vast number of online casino games that are available for Alabama players. Most popular are blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker. Traditionally, RNG (Random Number Generatored) games were the only available games online, however, due to improved technology and increased internet speeds, Live Dealer Online casino table games is now the preferred player’s game.

Live Dealer via online provides many players the legitimacy that the odds are fair and that they have the ability to interact with other players and the dealer. In addition, online casino bonuses can still be used.

Online Sports Betting

Sports betting remains in discussion by Alabama lawmakers. And we anticipate that eventually it will be legalized for in-person betting. In the meantime, Alabama bettors can place a bet online at an offshore sports betting site.

The betting options are numerous, with a combination of moneyline, spread, under/over and multi-betting available. In addition, the number of sports betting sites to choose from makes odds comparison easy and more advantageous to the player in the long run.

Online Bingo

Bingo is often considered a soft form of gambling, with many arguing that it shouldn’t even be considered as a gambling activity. Nevertheless, you will be able to find quality online bingo. The improved social media and chatting applications of today, compliment the gaming of bingo extremely well, and surprisingly attracts the younger generation who are searching for that social interaction.