Currently, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) hosts the most progressive laws in Australia, which is rumored to be the operating location for AussieHoochDelivery.

Accordingly, there is an assumption that this site could be more trustworthy than others that are based overseas.

AussieHoochDelivery, does appear to have a better designed site than others. It also appears to have well crafted language and testimonials that support their honesty and legitimacy.

We take a look to determine if they are the real deal.


AussieHoochDelivery is a well designed site, that sells a wide range of cannabis products. Their landing page, provides reasonable authenticity, with several images of cannabis towards the top and middle. The site projects legitimacy, through their location – Canberra.

Canberra is the only State or Territory in Australia that has decriminalised the use of recreational cannabis.

As a result, by stating that their office location is based in Canberra gives the impression that it is operating legally.

Their About page also uses language that evokes safety and security. Then assure you that any information that you provide is kept private and that delivery is discrete.

There are another two pages, Shopping and Our Reviews which also gives the impression of honesty and trust.

Payment Options

AussieHoochDeliver mentions their payment option on the homepage.

They are:

  • PayID
  • Bank Transfers
  • Cryptocurrency

Though they include PayID and Bank Transfers on the homepage, we suspect that they in fact do not accept these methods. These methods of transfer are traceable, and because they operate illegally their only payment method that they can accept without being tracked is with cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin (btc), ethereum and USDT.

Their site is comprehensive to a degree, however they lack a dedicated page which explains their payment options in detail and how they are to be implemented.

On checking out, they also do not display the price with GST. All companies that operate in Australia (illegally or not) are required to charge GST and remit to the ATO on a quarterly basis if revenue exceeds $75,000 per annum. It is possible that their revenue is less than $75,000 per year, however, a legitimate site would include GST on their check out invoice.


The Footer of a legitimate website, usually contains links to Contact, About, and other important details about the site. AussieHoochDelivery however, doesn’t have any of these details, and therefore raises suspicions about its legitimacy.

Keyword Stuffed Pages

If you enter locations in the Search panel, such as Newcastle or other regional areas in Australia, you will find other pages that are not disclosed on the site menu bars.

On these pages, you will see that AussieHoochDelivery is targeting geographic locations.

An example is the page labelled: Weed Delivery Newcastle Australia.

At the bottom of this page, you can see that they list keyword phrases such as: Buy Weed Online Newcastle Australia, Buy Cannabis Online Newcastle Australia, Marijuana for sale Newcastle Australia, Weed Delivery Newcastle Australia and 420 Delivery NSW Australia.

This is a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) technique that advances that ranking of a webpage, when someone searches these words on Google.

This technique is deemed a “black hat” technique and in theory would lead to penalties against the site.

If you search other regional areas in Australia, in the search panel, you will find the same SEO technique has been used over and over gain.

Any site, that uses keyword stuffing techniques raises suspicions.

User Reviews

The user reviews of AussieHoochDelivery appear to be quite realistic. On the site, it vouchers certified testimonials, however, when you read the review comments, it isn’t Aussie lingo. It comes out unnaturally, and therefore reeks of suspicion.

This user review style is also found on many other scam sites, hence raises even further suspicions.


AussieHoochDelivery is a site that has many indicators of concern.


  • does not explain how to use their payment methods
  • does not include GST on their checkout
  • does not include any information in the footer of the page
  • uses black hat SEO techniques
  • testimonials do not appear to be genuine.

Avoid this site, as it is a scam.