Australia Weed Online

If you are looking to buy weed online in Australia, then unfortunately I’m afraid to burst your bubble and inform you that it’s just not possible (at least legally anyways).

I live in NSW, which along with all other states in Australia, currently prohibits the sale of cannabis for recreational purposes. Even for medicinal purposes it is yet to be legalised.

There are certain, (I believe – but not sure of), loopholes in NSW which may allow medicinal cannabis to be purchased, but by and large you won’t be able to purchase cannabis legally online – period.

Even in ACT (Canberra) which is the most liberal of States and Territories in Australia, you are only permitted to grow two cannabis plants for personal use, at a maximum of four per household. The ACT laws don’t even outline if it is legal to purchase seeds AND it is limited to 50 grams. (Why would anyone bother with growing two plants?)

But let’s say you do try and buy online weed in Australia and you perform a Google search. You may come across a few sites on your list which we review for you below:


BuyWeedAU (also known as Buy Weed Australia) comes up as my first result for “Australia Cannabis online”. This site looks super slick, with all the cool clear photos of weed, nice descriptions, and plenty of indepth information about how reliable they are, and the purchase and delivery process that they follow. They also have a little instant chat message.

It looks so real and legit!

But don’t let it fool you! This site is a scam!

How do I know it is a SCAM?

First up, when I used the chat message, they are obviously trying you scam you for as much money as they can as a one off. I asked a few questions on the weed that they were selling, and yes they could name the price but everything else was ambiguous, if not, plain avoidance.

But when I asked about delivery times, they quickly steered me towards their express service. For an extra $50, they advised that they could deliver within 4 hours. Are they the UberEats of Weed online?

Straight away, it smells like a scam, it feels like a scam.

Other reviews that other users have provided and can be found online, can be summarised as follows:

The phones numbers are serviced by one Indian guy

Their tactic is to provide you with several different phone numbers – possibly to give the impression that the business is large and can be trusted. Guess what, the same guy answers each phone line.

Below are their phone numbers:

  • 0488890331
  • 08610282153

Direct Deposit, PayPal or Bitcoin (BTC)

They may ask for a direct deposit to the BSB 062-215 and Account 10251853.

Don’t transfer any money, until you receive the weed. But guess what, you will never receive it.

If you pay via PayPal or any other e-wallet service, they often will ask you to pay via a friend or family PayPal account. This is to enable them to avoid the auto-refund service that some of the e-wallets provide.

You see, if you purchase via a family or friend, they can argue that it wasn’t from you, there is no agreement with you, and that it wasn’t your family or friend that made the purchase for weed.

Banned from the Site after depositing

If you do proceed with depositing (I hope you don’t!) they will proceed to block all communication with you after receipt of monies.

You will not be able to contact them via mobile, land line or instant chat messaging. There is no way you will be able to communicate with them in order to get your money back.

If they do infact respond to you, they will advise that your weed is in the mail, or it has been confiscated by the police.

There are several excuses that they will provide to justify the unfulfilled purchase.


Aussie 420 – SCAM

On my Google search, Aussie 420 (or 420 Aussie) – comes up as second on my search list.

This site looks very pro along side of Buy Weed Australia – an extremely well designed site, that has everything that instills confidence, trust, legitimacy.

Often you can immediately tell that a site is dodgy with poor grammar, and spelling errors. This site has none of that. In fact the content is comprehensive, well explained, and includes self reviews which are convincing.

The site even provides an Australian address and Australian mobile number.

Address: 33/399 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Mb: 0476 857 631

Looking beyond the the website itself, you will find that this is another scam just like Buy Weed Australia. Many have transferred money to them – usually in the hundreds of dollars – and nothing is received in return.

How does it work?

They convince you that it is discrete and they guarantee delivery. Accordingly, payments are made with Bitcoin, e-wallets such as PayPal or direct transfers where there is no recourse. But it allows them to explain that by using these payment methods, they can remain discrete from their end and from your end. Win-Win.

Upon transferring monies, they will send to you a fake confirmation and (if they want to be kind) a fake tracking number.

And boom, that’s it. They gotcha. You can’t do anything. You can’t track them down because nothing is real.

Aussie 420 IS A SCAM


A relatively new comer to the online weed market for Australians. This site comes up third on my list of searches.

This site looks old school. The design is appalling, the slick and professional feel just isn’t there, but perhaps this is because they tout themselves to the selling cannabis products for medicinal purposes only.

Looking further down towards the bottom of the page, this company purports to be based in Denver, Colorado.

Why is this site a SCAM?

First up, look at the grammar and spelling. For example, the screen shot above is taken from their site (at the time of writing), look at the word “meanly”, obviously meant to be mainly.

But on top of that, if you read the entire paragraph, what a load of baloney. If they truly are a medicinal producing cannabis company, I wouldn’t think you would refer to the product as “medicinal weed”. Maybe I’m behind the times, but is this the scientific term of cannabis? (Oh my gosh, I’m even laughing as I write this).

And here’s another example of a spelling error (and even possibly in the wrong context).

“Every nocks and crannies”

Ok, for some Aussies not familiar with old school slang, it’s meant to read – “nook and cranny” NOT “nocks and crannies”. And usually this phrase is in the context of looking for something, or trying to find something that has been lost. Yes, it can possibly used in the context of delivering goods, but it’s quite unusual.

I don’t think I need to go any further.


If you are reading this review, and you see that their site is not as I have described it. Beaware, that they may have fixed up and polished their site. A polished turd is still a turd. Stay away from this site, AVOID!


Gosh, this site, EntireCannabis looks and feels oddly the same as BUDOASIS.

The font is the same, and the layout is the same.

But the content is slightly different.

Let’s take a look at their Home page first paragraph.

We can’t find the same spelling mistakes as BudOasis, but the grammar is all over the shop.

This site is ALSO A SCAM!

And in fact, if you perform a search of reviews of EntireCannabis (not just limited to Australia), you will see that they are targeting various countries around the world.

Avoid at all costs!

Melbourne Stoners – SCAM

Melbourne Stoners is the new kid on the block. It’s website looks the real deal, by containing “great deals”, “buyer discounts”, “coupons”, customer reviews, and even a statement to warn you of buying from fake websites!

Which is what this site is also.

If you look at the wording in the above screenshot, which came from their site, under the banner of “Buy Weed with Bitcoins”, they’ve written a bunch of words which are tags. Tags are simply words entered on a web page to support SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It really has no meaning as a reader, but it allows Google (or any other search engine) to find these words and to rank this site on your internet searches. Some SEO guru’s say that by doing this, the site will rank higher on a search. And in doing so, obtain more buyers to scam.

You can see that the above paragraph is doing the same tagging method – a list of words that the web site owner believes people who want to buy cannabis online are searching for.

Guess what – I’m gonna start tagging like crazy and see if works for me too!

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The owners is most definitely American, or has experience in American SEO – just by the fact that the word “dispensary” is used. This word is not commonly used in Australia, and in theory would not be as useful for Australian SEO methods.


In short, there is no legitimate online weed shop for Australians, because it is illegal.

Any online site that comes up in a search for Australians, that sells cannabis is a fraud, a lie, a scam. They exist as fakes websites, to trick you and steal your money.

Don’t waste your time, and above all, don’t throw away your money. These sites are SCAMS.


Is Buyweedaustralia legit?

No – it is a SCAM

Is Aussie 420 legit?

No – it is a SCAM

Is BudOasis legit?

No – it is a SCAM

Is EntireCannabis legit?

No – it is a SCAM

Is MelbourneStoners legit?

No – it is a SCAM