Best 7 Australian Sports Betting Sites for 2024

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Aussies love their sport. Whether it be playing, watching or betting. We just can’t get enough of it. And it doesn’t matter what the sport it is. It could be the local AFL, cricket and league suburbian matches to the world sporting events e.g. Olympics, FIFA World Cup. We all enjoy getting into it.

Not only do we enjoy it, we also go above and beyond to lend our support. Melbourne Cup is a great example – “the race that stops that nation!” – where we have a day off to go to the races. Or the FIFA World Cup, setting the alarm to wake up during the middle of the night to watch the Aussies get destroyed by the European and South American power houses, then turn up to work bleary eyed. Yes! Our faith is strong in our national sport teams. 🙂

Supplementing our love of watching sport, is our love of placing a sports bet. Just watching a sport is not the same without placing a sports bet. They go hand in hand, and if one were amiss we feel uncomfortable. “How can you place a bet without watching it?” And vise versa, “How can you watch it without placing a bet?”

We enjoy the good ol’ punt which leads many to believe that we place our bets will nilly. Without a second thought we sign up to any sports book and whack on an easy hundred.

Well, guess what, this could not be more wrong! We love to shop around for the best bargains and that includes looking for the best sports betting sites.

We want the best odds and the easiest way to place that winning bet.

So giddy-up, let’s get the ball rolling and find the best Aussie betting sites!

1. SportsBet

Sportsbet is Australia’s leading online sportsbook. You may have heard of Paddy Power, Betfair and FanDuel.

These iconic brands PLUS Sportsbet form part of the mega sports betting company called Flutter Entertainment which is floated on the London Stock Exchange.

Sportsbet is so successful in Australia because their app is so easy to use. It is intuitive and seamless. Bets are quick and easy to place, and the odds are competitive. They often have special promotions and often do the right thing by the customer.

Their customer service is one of the best, quick and responsive.

They are #1 in Australia for a reason.

You won’t be disappointed after Signing Up for a SportsBet account.

2. TAB

Who hasn’t heard of the T-A-B (officially known as Tabcorp). They are the stalwart of Australian betting and is the only sports bookie that I know that has betting branches spread across Australia.

I love having an account with them, because I patron their branches to watch the NBA during lunch time, when taking a break from work. The betting branches however offer a lot more than watching sport. Lined on the walls are betting details of hundreds of horse races to be held around the country. Horse bettors love coming here to study, research, then to place their bets at the window. Surrounding the lined walls are TV screens showing the horse racing action.

Also available are the doggies. Although not as popular as the horses, there usually still is a dedicated doggies section.

Take note that the quality of the branches differs from city locations to suburban. The King St TAB branch is an absolute dream to visit. Clean, quality and with digital betting terminals. The suburban branches aren’t as luxurious and at times have a grotty feel to it. Nevertheless it still offers viewing of your favourite sports and sports betting.

As with SportsBet, Tabcorp is also listed on a stock exchange – with the ASX.

TAB is a latecomer in developing a sports betting mobile app, having placed more attention on their retail outlets. But being the juggernaut of Australian betting, they have quickly caught up and have an excellent betting app.

They have partnered both the NBA and NFL to give you the best entertainment possible.

If you love your American sports, then TAB is definitely the Sign Up for you.  

3. BetEasy

BetEasy is truly easy to use. The app and site has a very simple layout and is so easy to deposit or withdraw.

If you love your AFL, then choose BetEasy for they are the official partners.

And/Or if you love your horses, then also choose BetEasy for they are the only online sports book that provides players with access to Sky Racing.

Sign Up to BetEasy if you love your AFL and Horses.

4. PointsBet

PointsBet is a fresh new comer to the Australian market. They are the only sports book that offers spread betting in Australia.

Spread betting is very similar to investing in shares. To put simply, the more you get right the more you win! BUT the more you get wrong the more you lose!

So if you pick your team to win, and they win by a big margin, your pay out is more than if they won small. Conversely, if they lost big your losses are big and if they lost small your losses are small.

This is an exciting new innovation to the Australian market, which is great for those who are looking for a different type of action.

On a side note: they are also making an aggressive entrance into the burgeoning US sports betting market. The US is going through a period of legalization of sports betting (depending on the state). You can be assured that their promotions and odds will be one of the most competitive.

Sign Up to PointsBet if you are looking for something different in Spread Betting.

5. Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes is a massive British conglomerate. You have seen their many catchy ads at the sports grounds or on TV.

They are synonymous with the classic red theme on their branding, and offer fantastic betting options for EPL and other UK sports.

Of course they also cover the traditional Australian sports as well, and even throw in the occasional exotic bet.

Sign Up to Ladbrokes if you enjoy the UK Sports.

6. Unibet

Unibet is part of the global Kindred Group which has 11 brands! Needless to say, the Kindred Group is massive. They operate in Australia, UK, North America and many other countries (over 100). Their customer base exceeds 11 million world wide!

If you are looking for a sports book that expands to sports around the world, then look no further.

Sign Up to Unibet if you are looking for the United Nations of sports betting.

7. PalmerBet

PalmerBet is not in anyway associated with Clive Palmer. So you can rest assured they won’t take your money and run away. (Just kidding).

The PalmeBet Palmer family has built over thirty years of experience from running the local horse books. If you are from Sydney you may know of the Canterbury racecourse from which the PalmerBet operates from. The Canterbury racecourse is a local horse race track in the inner western suburbs of Sydney. Quite large and has gone through recent renovations.

In the past five years, PalmerBet has since extended to main stream sports. Though not their forte, as can be seen with less sports on offer, they have a very cool app with is easy to use.

If you like the horses and want something new and trendy in an app, Sign Up to PalmerBet.

Sign Up to the best Sports Betting

We’ve listed our best 7 sports betting sites for Australians:

  1. SportsBet
  2. TAB
  3. BetEasy
  4. PointsBet
  5. Ladbrokes
  6. Unibet
  7. PalmerBet

Often you will find that Signing Up to several sports betting sites will enable to choose the best odds to place your bets on. Odds will swing between sports bookies, and some will have special promos that you may want to take advantage of.

Enjoy sports betting and Gamble Responsibly 18+.