Best Cuphead Toys 2024

Looking for the ideal Cuphead toys to surprise your family and friends with?

The most popular Cuphead Toys reviewed and recommended

US gaming is booming in popularity, particularly for games with the old style cartoon design. You may have heard of Bendi and the Ink Machine, Hello Neighbor, and of course Cuphead!

Cuphead is fast becoming one of the most iconic games in the past years. It features astounding character and scene designs based on the 1930s cartoon style and animation – most inspired by the legendary Disney Mickey Mouse era. Of course, graphics isn’t the only aspect that makes a game popular, Cuphead excels with a game story that is not overwhelming but sufficient to keep game level interwoven, plus glitch free, seamless and intuitive game play.

It is with these three core aspects – graphics, game play and story line that makes Cuphead a winner!

We explore these three core aspects and what toys are available in each of these categories.

Story line

Synopsis: Cuphead is a cartoon story game that revolves around two characters who are brothers – Cuphead and Mugman.

They lived with an old man named Elder Kettle, in a mushroom house. Near the house the Devil established a casino, after which Elder Kettle warned Cuphead and Mugman to never patron Devil’s casino. If they were to play and lose, their souls would be taken by the Devil. After Elder Kettle warned them, Cuphead still wanted to go to the Devil’s casino but Mugman wanted to stay at home in the Mushroom house and obey Elder Kettle.

Eventually Cuphead pulled Mugman’s hand and dragged him to the Devil’s casino with him. Arriving at the casino, they knocked on the door and it was opened by the Devil’s butler King Dice.

The brothers entered the casino and played several casino games that included cards, counters, a roulette table and dice. While they were playing, the Devil himself appeared and spoke to them.

He said to Cuphead, “Let’s make a bet. If you lose your souls will be mine, but if you win, you can own my casino!”

Cuphead agreed to the bet. He proceeded to play at the Devil’s casino and lost. After losing, the Devil owned the brothers’ souls. Cuphead was frightened and distraught.

Mugman asked the Devil, “There must be a way for us to win our souls back?”

The Devil replied, “Yes there is a way. You must get the contracts from each game boss, and give them to me. After you do that, I will return your souls to you.”

The brothers then went to find the game bosses to fight them and obtain the contracts. But without any weapons they first went back to see Elder Kettle who would give them potions to give them enhanced powers.

From here the story pretty much develops into fighting the game bosses and obtaining the soul contracts.

Cuphead Pop Vinyl

As you can imagine, the Cuphead game spawned many Pop Vinyl figurines. I personally have bought Cuphead, Mugman and King Dice. These are quality! I love the detail and the design. In many ways, they are simple, yet they are great to display.

The Cuphead and Mugman straws bring back memories of the paper straws that would gradually become soft if left in the cup too long. The eyes and mouth design are just so cool – Pac man eyes with the angled slim mouths.

In contrast King Dice, looks devious! Big grinning mouth, defined eye brows and a cheeky pose.

Of course, there are many other Cuphead character Pop Vinyls to choose from.

If you purchase any original Pop Vinyl Cuphead figurines, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


There is no question that there has been careful thought, attention to detail and a huge amount of time to create such beautiful graphics. Based on the classical designs of the 1930’s, the style invokes the quirky and scratchy nature of animation during that era. Expanding slightly beyond graphics, the audio as well also draws upon the musical signature of the 1930’s.

If you are into art, drawing and design, there is a great Cuphead art book that can be purchased.

This art book includes loads of stencils, themes, character references. It makes a wonderful gift, packaged in the classic 1930’s era and design.

Game Play

The Cuphead game play isn’t anything brand new, a run and gun play. Complete each level and you can move onto the next Game Boss. Even though, it’s a simple run and gun shoot’em, the game play is extremely enjoyable. Very smooth and glitch free – I play Cuphead on my little Microsoft Surface Pro! That’s right, even on my little laptop, playing Cuphead is excellent fun.

I even enjoy playing with my son, who helps pressing different keys with me on the keyboard as we move through each level – “Two heads are better than one” as they say :).

Cuphead Game Play is a 5/5. Coupled with the graphics, it makes Cuphead a really enjoyable game to play.