Best women’s incontinence active wear 2024

People suffering from incontinence don’t have to feel alone anymore. The latest breakthroughs have resulted in a novel range of active wear designed for incontinence, which is effective, subtle, environmentally friendly, and affordable.

In many developed countries such as the US and UK, stress urinary incontinence is becoming more prevalent. In particular, women who have given birth and are of the older demographic find that their pelvic core muscles have weakened leading to a leaky bladder. In the US alone it has been estimated that over 20 million women have stressed induced incontinence. It often means many women cannot exercise anytime and anywhere they want to.

In addressing SUI, there used to be limited options for incontinence pads for running and cycling. But in today’s world there are a large number of companies addressing the need for quality incontinence active wear.

The best incontinence active wear addresses the following aspects:

  • Absorbency – the ability to hold and then disappate liquid.
  • Comfort – exercise without impingement.
  • Environmentally friendly – sustainable and eco friendly.
  • Affordability – doesn’t hurt your wallet.

With this in mind, there’s no more excuses to not run or cycle in comfort and without embarrassment. Read our reviews of the best providers.

1. Modibodi – The original incontinence underwear

Exploding into the market in the past two years, Modibodi is producer of a wide variety high quality incontinence active wear. Their down to earth and real connection to the afflicted incontinence active users makes them the number 1 provider outside of the US. (Thinx currently dominates the US market). Honest and trusted, you will find many happy customers.

Originating from Australia and made from the most environmentally friendly and sustainable textiles that includes bamboo. Modibodi Australia (and UK) is famous for its quality and natural products.

Key points:

  • Simple rinse, cold wash and hang to dry for reuse.
  • Huge variety of products.
  • Extremely affordable with low AUD exchange rate.
  • Made in Australia.
  • Created specifically for running and cycling.

2. Kayla Rose – Casual Lounge Wear Incontinence

A newcomer to the market, started by a young Australian, Kayla Rose launched in 2022 with a suite of casual lounge designer wear. A fresh, summer breeze look and feel, that is light and casual, suitable for home or walking outdoors in nature, it gives a sense of Home and Away and strolling along the beach. Since launch, the Kayla Rose range has expanded to provide incontinence wear. It’s different to the other brands here that focus purely on active wear, which is refreshing.

Key points:

  • Refreshing casual clothing, that makes you feel fresh
  • Can be worn indoors or outdoors for either active or casual outings
  • Australian made
  • Excellent quality at affordable pricing

3. Thinx – Pee Proof Underwear

The big player in the US for “pee proof underwear”. Their underwear can hold up to six tea spoons of liquid, with super wick properties. They are the iconic leader of leak proof undies in the US. Many are proud and extol the awesomeness of Thinx.

If you reside from the US, Thinx is the one for you.

Key points:

  • Simple rinse, cold wash and hang to dry
  • US based company
  • Originally produced for period flow but has since expanded to active wear incontinence.
  • A huge variety of products.

4. EVB Sports Clothing – Supporting core pelvic muscles

The EVB sports leak proof wear is designed slightly differently from Modibodi and Thinx. With a higher body cut, the underwear supports with slight compression the pelvic area. Their motto is not only absorption but prevention through the strengthening of the core muscles.

Key Points:

  • Originated from Ireland.
  • Prevention philosophy included in the design.
  • Not as affordable as Modibodi or Thinx.
  • Efficacy tested by clinical trials with Trinity College Dublin, Royal College of Surgeons and Dublin City University.
  • Sells in retail outlets in the UK, broader Europe, Canada, US and Australia.

5. Willow – the adult disposable diaper

Big huge new American start up entering the incontinence active wear market. Massive capital raising in 2018 of $2.5m to launch a campaign to provide for disposable incontinence underwear. Given today’s awareness for sustainability, I’m not sure if this will resonate well with the market. Nevertheless their differentiation is convenience through disposables.

Key points:

  • American start up.
  • Produces disposable incontinence underwear.
  • Good affordability.

6. Flow2Freedom – high end premium leak proof active wear

Made from recycled plastics, the fibre of bamboo and organic cotton F2F products show premium quality. Designed and developed by Josephine Kwan, these compare more fittingly against the Lorna Jane and Lululemon styles. Originating Vancouver, Canada quality is at a premium cost.

Key points:

  • Rinse, cold wash and hang to dry.
  • Canada designed and engineered.
  • Relatively expensive but of high quality.

7. Confitex – for both women and men

Established in 2012 in Auckland, New Zealand. Confirmed sells products which are similar to Modibodi’s. Also made from a bamboo base, with patented technology that creates breathable and bacteria resistant textile. Their clothing mitigates odors and dries with natural body heat. Reusable through simple washing.

Key points:

  • Originated from New Zealand
  • Not as well known as Modibodi
  • Extremely affordable due to NZD exchange rate.
  • Rinse, cold wash and hang to dry.