BudOasis.Net Review

Many Australians are contemplating buying cannabis online, whether for fun or medical purposes.

As a result, extreme care should be taken when visiting sites such as BudOasis.net.

We review BudOasis.net, and analyse their site to determine if it can be trusted, how it operates, and whether it is legimate.


BudOasis.net is an online site that sells cannabis related products. It appears to sell to Europe and America as well as Australia. It has various products, that includes various strains of cannabis, CBD, wax and shatter.

At first glance, the website design and layout is extremely crude. Unlike most modern designs, the logo is found towards the bottom, and it is extremely rigid, without dynamic scrolling images and on same sections low resolution pixels are used, such as the logo.

Payment Options

To find their payment options, scroll down to the footer. In the Payment Methods link you will find the following methods are accepted:

  • Bitcoin and Gift Cards
  • Money Gram
  • Western Union

No details are provided as to how these are to be performed. However, they do outline what needs to be done after the money has been transferred.


Towards the left side bar, BudOasis appears to accept USD or EUR.

AUD is not offered.

Contact Details

The below are the contact details according to their website:

  • 4130 Elati Street Denver, CO 80216. Denver, Colorado
  • Telephone: +1(701)
  • E-mail: contact@budsoasis.net

Checking the physical address in Google Maps reveals that the address does exist, however, the name BudOasis is not displayed.


There are several areas on the site, which uses language which is not typical “Australian” grammar (or native English).

There instances that when read, just don’t read correctly.

The Mission Statement, although can be understood, is poorly written.

As mentioned previously, the Payment Methods page is also poorly written.

Broken Links

If you proceed to find the following, you will be able to see that the links are broken, or loop back to an existing page which is not relevant to the description of the link.

For example, the below section in the footer:


Proforma web template language

Underneath the footer, you will be able to find the words: “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo”.

These words are found on website templates, as section fillers.

This demonstrates that the website has been poorly created and is not trustworthy.


There are several aspects of BudOasis.net that we have covered which indicate this site cannot be trusted.

Poor language, broken links, unclear payment methods and wordings from proforma website templates.

The overall layout and design, also gives the impression of a site that has been created quickly without any attention to detail.

In conclusion, BudOasis.net is a scam site and should be avoided.