BuyWeedAustralia.Online Review

If you are looking to buy cannabis or weed online in Australia, it is important to thoroughly research to find reliable suppliers.

Scams are becoming more prevalent in Australia. You may have heard of the “Hi Mum” scam, one of the most insidious scams that preys on unsuspecting families and friends by pushing out messages on Whatsapp.

On the other hand, online scams which trick buyers are also out there. They do not push out emails, text messages or instant online messages, but rather pretend to deliver products online.

The online weed industry in Australia, is bombarded with such described fake online scam sites, that have ripped off many Australians.

BuyWeedAustralia.Online is a newly launched online seller of marijuana products in Australia. Though we began reviewing this site in March 2023, we suspect that it was only launched a few months ago.

It’s important to recognise the launch date, because on review of the testimonials and date of articles, it’s apparent that these dates have been backdated to pre-launch, giving the impression of an online seller that has history.

The site looks legitimate with a layout of trophy display image, a blurb on trust, three icons on delivery, quality and return if unsatisfied.

Contact Details

  • 160 Eagle Street, Brisbane City, QLD 4000
  • Email:
  • Website:

The above contacts are listed on the website.

When performing a search for the address in Queensland, it’s discovered that there is no physical address i.e. it is non-existent in Brisbane. There is an Eagle Street, however there is no building numbered 160.


They list their Top Categories of products across the middle, which appears to be limited in range. However they do a great jobs of providing quality images, and clear pricing.

In the Shopping section, they claim to have a wider range of products listed as per below:

C.B.D. OIL13

It appears to be quite comphrensive, until you dig deeper into the detail.

Payment Methods

No payment methods are prescribed on this site. Without any payment methods mentioned, it’s hard to imagine that this site is legitimate.


On the homepage, it appears that there is a good library of educational material for readers, covering the strains including Hyrbid, Sativa, Indica, CBD, Sativa and Indica dominant.

If you click on these links, they simply circle back to the home page.

This demonstrates, that either the site is under further development, or whether this is simply a facade to give the impression of a trustworthy site.


There are only three testimonials which doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t genuine, however, they have mispelt the word Customer with “custoumer”.

In addition, these testimonials, appear to be written adhoc, without any authenticity.


The Buy Weed Australia Online displays it’s products well, with clear images, pricing and clarity.

There are some indicators which suggest that this site is not trustworthy.

  • Spelling error can be found in the Testimonial section, which doesn’t appear to be authentic.
  • The Educational section is linked back to the home.
  • The physical address does not exist.
  • No payment methods are mentioned.

In conclusion, this site is a scam site.