Cannabis Drinks

Australia is undergoing a significant change in the laws related to Cannabis. For example, in 2019, the ACT allowed households to grow a maximum of two plants for their own use. It is expected that other areas will ease strict rules, given recent surveys show widespread support among Australians for these changes.

With this in mind, many companies are positioning themselves to provide new products that include Cannabis. Cannabis is seen as a medicinal form of treatment, but of course, is more widely known for its recreational use.

Exploding onto the market, is therefore a range of drinks that now includes cannabis (hemp). Most of these beverages are alcoholic infused with a small amount of hemp. Please note that hemp doesn’t give you a “high” similar to smoking , but rather used as an ingredient for its health benefits. There are also some non-alcoholic drinks available to Australians.

We review some of the cannabis/hemp drinks currently available in the Australian market.

Hemp Infused Water [Non-alcoholic]

Hemp OZ

This beverage is completely 100% Australian, sourced from Australian springs. Ok, as Australians we don’t normally use the word “spring”, but from natural clear flowing fresh water creeks (you know what I mean). Infused with ginger, lemon and hemp, this water is rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre.

You can buy this online or at Dan Murphy’s.

Hemp OZ Kombucha [Non-alcoholic]

Hemp OZ

The Hemp OZ Kombucha uses the benefits of probiotics to provide a healthy and strong gut. What many scientists are now discovering is the gut is linked to a healthy mind.

The addition of infused hemp provides for increased fibre, essential vitamins and minerals, all good for one’s health.

This product has no artificial sweeteners or added sugar.

Hemp Gin [Alcoholic]

Natural Distilling Co

Natural Distilling Co is one of Australia’s pioneers in innovative hemp beverages. Their Hemp Gin is their best seller, garnering rave reviews.

Selling at $95 a bottle, it is reasonably priced. Infused in the gin, is Cannabis sativa (more commonly known as hemp) – a herb that has health benefits. Hemp will not give you a high, but is a rich source vitamins and fibre.

Hemp Gin is free of sugar, additives and gluten. It has a tinge of hemp taste that is not overwhelming, but subtle enough to give it a wonderful flavour.

Included in Hemp Gin is a bit of spice, to give it that extra zing. Goes down well on the rocks.

Hemp Vodka [Alcoholic]

Natural Distilling Co

Not as popular as the Hemp Gin, but still highly rated is the Hemp Vodka, also produced by Natural Distilling Co. They have created this wonderful blend, infusing vodka with the rich health benefits of hemp. No additives or sugar and is chemical free. Refreshing and unique in flavour, it is quickly growing in popularity.

Priced lower than the Hemp Gin, it retails for $75.

Hemp Rum [Alcoholic]

Natural Distilling Co

On its way to market is Hemp Rum! For all you rum fans, we believe this drink will be a smash hit. If the popularity of Natural Distilling Co’s Hemp Gin and Vodka is go to by, Hemp Rum will be just as refreshing, smooth and unique.

Pricing yet to be confirmed.

Hemp Kombucha [Non-alcoholic]

Tea Gardens Kombucha

Looking for the blended taste of kombucha and hemp? Well now you have it! Comes in Wild Berry, Tumeric, Mango and Mixed Berries.

Hemp Kombucha is kombucha infused with hemp seed tea. It contains several health benefits that are activated within the probiotics and enzymes of hemp seeds. Hemp tea seeds are regarded as a super food. Accordingly, this drink is becoming extremely popular among those who want to lead a healthy life.

Retails at $49.90 for a pack of 12 bottles.


Australians are always looking for that next burst of unique flavour and health benefits – and hemp infused drinks have hit the taste buds on the spot. Whether you are into your alcoholic beverages or not, there is something for everyone.

If you have other products that you know of, would like to tells us about, and even add a review, please feel free to let us know!