Cycling Gloves are a waste of money

They are unnecessary unless intended for the cold.

Ditch the gloves

Often at bike shops, they will tell you how important it is to ride with a good set of gloves. I can understand that if riding in the cold, you will need a good set of gloves to keep your hands warm. Riding in the cold without gloves can be extremely painful. The cold air will cause a lot of pain in the hands AND feet if they aren’t protected.

But apart from the cold, gloves in normal riding weather aren’t particularly needed. Will they protect your hands if you have a bike crash. Yes they will, but you should be wary and avoiding crashes at all times, anyways, when riding.

Gloves are a nice to have, but in reality they don’t do much.

Don’t be pressured into buying gloves, unless you are ready to turn hard core.