Cycling Jerseys – Fad or Form

Why invest in a jersey?

Jerseys can cost a lot of money. Typically they range from $30 to over $100. They vary in material, style and functionality. As a beginner, you may be wondering, do I need to buy a jersey? Why can’t I wear a t-shirt? Or sports top?

When riding a bicycle, your upper body isn’t exactly moving. In fact, the professional riders see good form when the upper body is still. Riding in calm waters as some would say. So, what is the point of spending large amounts of money on high tech upper body gear?

If you have ever entered into a bike shop, you will find a wide range of jerseys – not just in design, but in features! The difference in comfort, aerodynamics blah blah blah.

To be honest, the jerseys are for the hard core riders which seek speed and want a tight stretched look. With a tight jersey, the air can cut around the rider easier, quicker, creating less drag. This is true.

Another advantage of tight jerseys, is that better advertising space is created for sponsors. For the pro riders, placing more clearer adverts on the body is a win win for all.

Jersey’s also have pockets at the back, to hold various accessories that comes with cycling. Items such as gels, bananas, levers, which then reduce the need for a saddle bag or other carriers. The pockets on the back are very convenient, because when you are riding and if you feel the need for that extra burst of energy from a gel, you can easily reach behind the back.

But apart from that, there isn’t a real need to wear a jersey. You can wear any top you like. Running shirts are just as good and effective, particularly if you are out for a casual ride.

I dare say, however, if you are in a club or a group of riders, the jersey is the proper way to go. It will make you feel pro!