Economic Turmoil Sweeps Australia as Homebuilder and Retail Giants Collapse

In a surprising turn of events, Australia’s economy is facing a wave of setbacks and insolvencies, including the collapse of the renowned Victorian-based Porter Davis Group, which ranks as the nation’s 12th biggest homebuilder, now in liquidation. The chaos doesn’t stop there; it seems the famous diet and fitness behemoth, Jenny Craig, is teetering on the edge of failure. This alarming trend signals a broader crisis affecting numerous businesses across various sectors, shaking the foundations of the nation’s economic health.

The Unraveling

Over the past year, Australia has witnessed the disappearance of thousands of companies, and experts warn that the situation is poised to worsen. The root cause is attributed to the shifting focus of households, redirecting their expenditures from discretionary items to cover escalating mortgage bills and rental payments. Consequently, this shift is predicted to result in stagnant or slightly negative overall economic activity, creating a grim outlook for businesses nationwide.

Diverse Sectors Affected

The casualties of this economic downturn span across various sectors, with well-known retailers like sneaker boy, grocery upset, and Sara Lee succumbing to financial pressures. The collapse of investment firm Remi Capital has also grabbed headlines, underscoring the severity of the crisis. Surprisingly, these incidents are just the tip of the iceberg, as Australia recorded a staggering 17.2% increase in liquidations or administration appointments, reaching 5520 from 2022 to 23 financial year.

Construction Sector Hit Hard

Leading the charge in insolvency appointments is the construction sector, comprising 30.9% of the total. Shockingly, 50% of building companies have reported losses in the past 12 months, raising concerns about a potential domino effect leading to insolvency and, ultimately, bankruptcy. Notable construction companies, including Porter Davis, Pro Build, Pivotal Homes, Quatro, and more recently EQ Constructions in New South Wales, have fallen victim to the economic turmoil.

Geographical Impact

The crisis is not confined to a specific region, as New South Wales leads with 3283 collapses, followed by Victoria with 2142, Queensland with 1459, Western Australia with 556, South Australia with 304, the ACT with 121, Tasmania with 38, and the Northern Territory with 40. This widespread impact reflects the severity of the economic challenges faced by businesses throughout the nation.

Root Causes

Several factors contribute to this economic downturn, including soaring inflation, interest rate pressures, COVID-19 chaos, labor shortages, and supply chain disruptions. The higher cost of mortgage rates, fuel, food, and electricity is exerting downward pressure on domestic spending, subsequently affecting businesses and industries across Australia.


As Australia grapples with the unprecedented wave of collapses and liquidations, the economic outlook remains bleak. The resilience of businesses will be tested in the face of multifaceted challenges. Government intervention and industry-wide collaboration may be crucial in mitigating the impact and fostering a path to recovery. Only time will tell how Australia navigates through these turbulent economic waters, hoping for a resurgence that will rebuild and revitalize the nation’s business landscape.