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Let’s get started with buying Australian Weed Online

Cannabis in Australia is slowly, yet surely, becoming more mainstream day by day. There is acknowledgement within the community that cannabis does have a benefit as a form of medication. And therefore, it has been legalised in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods Administration as medication.

On the other hand, cannabis as a recreational activity, has yet to be legalised in most states and territories. Do not be disheartened, because there is change in the air. Already the ACT has legalised the recreational use of cannabis (with limitations). While in other States and Territories, the political party – Legalise Cannabis Party, which has performed extremely well in state elections, pushing for reform.

In the meantime, whilst we wait for recreational use to become legalised, you will formally be unable to find cannabis being sold online. There are some medicinal distributors which are permitted to sell cannabis, however their distribution is strictly controlled by seeing a specialist health professional who has certified and requested the use of cannabis as a way of treating your medical condition.

As a consequence, there are no formal online sites that sell cannabis for recreational use in Australia.

Choosing the Best Online Cannabis Site in Australia

If you’re interested in learning how to choose the best online cannabis store in Australia, then we recommend reading this section carefully.

In Australia, there has been a recent spate of scams targeting the vulnerable. Most notably the “Hi Mum” scam which has spread like wildfire through WhatsApp and text messages. Personally, my mum was scammed into believing that our relatives needed money and therefore transferred money. Once the scam had been busted, it was reported to Westpac, however there was nothing that they could do. The money was lost.

Scams are also prevalent when purchasing online cannabis. There are scam sites embedded in most search engine results, notably Google and Bing. Due to the abundance of scam cannabis sites, it’s extremely important to be thorough when reviewing a site.

There are particular features that stick out like a sore thumb for shoddy sites. Be alert! Some sites which are professionally designed, with all the hallmarks of a legitimate cannabis seller and therefore are hard to identify.

Let’s explore further, what to look for when choosing a legitimate site.


The most obvious sign of an illegitimate site is the grammar. Scam sites are riddled with spelling errors, incorrect punctuation and poor construction of sentences. In some cases grammar is technically correct, however the choice of words is either confusing, bemusing or incoherent. Legitimate sites have taken the time to explain, describe and assure buyers with authentic Australian English. By this, I mean with words that are typically used in Australia to describe healthcare such as GP’s, chemists and the like. Normally we don’t use words like Medical Doctor or dispensary, terms which are more commonly used in North America. Therefore if you see words that aren’t commonly used in Australia, it’s highly likely the site is an out of the box website uploaded with general cannabis web page content.

Design and Layout

The design and layout of a cannabis website, can give you clues as to whether the site is a scam. A legitimate site won’t have the following attributes:

  1. Keyword stuffing: In old school SEO techniques, web designers would embed in the web pages of a site hundreds of words that would related to keyword searches. These words can be considered to be similar to hashtags for X (formerly known as Twitter). An illegitimate site would have these words embedded either at the top or bottom of a page. Individually the words are meaningless, such as cannabis, weed, buy online weed, NSW, Victoria etc. However, these words are meant to signify to a search engine that the content on the site is relevant. Legitimate sites do not need to perform keyword stuffing, because the page content should be appropriately and professionally written to sufficiently demonstrate legitimacy. For example, a real phyical address and a real contact number.

  2. Missing or half completed pages: Scam sites occasionally have missing content. They even will have pages with placeholder words which look very similar to Latin. These are indicators that the web owner or designer hasn’t been bother to fill in the site completely, and is content with trying their luck with tricky a few buyers. A legitimate site won’t have empty pages. It would be competely and professionally populated with relevant information.

  3. Old school design: Sometimes you will notice a design that appears to be very old. These designs are typically used for sites that have been around for many years. A slowly, (because no one has shut them down), they have gather a lot of traction in search engines. The design remains as per the past, without any updates. Hence, it’s easy to spot when a website has been poorly put together and remains a relic of the past. They simply look and feel old. Legitimate sites use the latest in technology of web design and building, which offers a smooth and dynamic interface that adapts to all device sizes. There isn’t any rendering issues or lag with using the site.

A legitimate site will be professionally created with well written content. These sites will have proper contact numbers, Australian addresses and refer to commonly used payment methods and shipping methods in Australia. Scam sites will have poor grammar, missing content and hard to use designs. However be alert to some scam sites that are well built. These scammers have spent the time to try and trick as many Australians as possible.

Payment Methods

Digital payment methods are on the upward use in Australia, with the most common being PayID, BPay, and to a lesser degree Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

  1. PayID: It’s hard to pick, because nowadays scam sites will also declare that they use PayID. However, under the hood, they actually don’t. What they will do, is cleverly divert you to using cryptocurrency which either cannot be traced and/or cannot be clawed back (unlike a bank). In essence, scam sites deceptively claim they accept PayID, but steer you towards other payment methods in which you will be unable to retrieve you money.

  2. Cash On Delivery: The most common method of purchasing from a legitimate online cannabis site is the cash-on-delivery option (very similar to Gumtree). COD is the safest way to ensure that your cannabis is delivered and quality is checked. With COD, you can physically receive the cannabis and ensure the transaction is completed.

  3. Bank Transfers: Some online cannabis sites accept direct bank transfers. But scam sites won’t. Bank transfers can be traced to a bank owner in which banks know who the owner is via KYC details. Banks will then track down and retrieve monies that have been fraudulently received, thus creating a high risk environment for scammers. Scam sites will not accept bank transfers.

  4. Cryptocurrencies: The most popular digital method is through the transfer for cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies offer a level of anonymity and security, making them an attractive option for some buyers. It’s also very attractive for scammers, because cryptocurrencies are extremely difficult to recover by any third party.

Be alert to the payment methods offered by online cannabis sites. Scam sites, most of the time, only accept cryptocurrency and nothing else.

Method of Delivery

In Australia, the vast majority of the population lives along the coastline in major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide. These urban centres are well-developed and enjoy a wide range of services, including various delivery methods for goods and services. However, for those residing in regional areas of the country, the options for delivery methods can be more limited due to the remote nature and lower population density of these regions.

  1. Australia Post: No legitimate site will use Australia Post to deliver cannabis to you. Australia post is government owned (being the only shareholder), hence it would be a catastrophic for their reputation should Australia Post be found to be delivering cannabis. Cannabis is still regarded as an illicit drug, and therefore Australia Post will be enforcing the law and banning any cannabis found in the Australia Post delivery system

  2. Private Couriers: While private couriers are not owned by the Australian government, unlike Australia Post, they too must have controls and checks in place to ensure illicit drugs are being caught and banned in their system. Some private courier companies, such as StarTrack, Toll, and others are now using artificial intelligence to find illicit drugs and report them to law enforcement agencies.

  3. Uber and Other Ride-Sharing Services: It’s not common that online cannabis sites use Uber and other ride sharing services to deliver cannabis to you. The risk of the goods being caught, reported to the police, or even simply stolen is extremely high.

  4. Collection Points: Collection points (or even personal delivery) has become the most common form of delivery. It is the safest way of ensuring your delivery to you.

Regional areas: It’s worth noting that the availability of delivery methods in regional areas can vary significantly depending on the specific location. While major cities benefit from a wide range of delivery options and competitive services, regional areas might have fewer choices and longer delivery times. Additionally, weather conditions and other geographical factors can further impact the efficiency and reliability of deliveries in remote regions.

Do they legitimately deliver to Australia from Overseas?

There are many legitimate online cannabis stores that sell in jurisdictions outside of Australia. For example Canada and Thailand. These countries have legitimate sellers of cannabis. However, NONE are legally allowed to sell, let alone deliver to Australians that reside within Australia.

That is, should an online site claim to be able to send you cannabis from overseas to your front door, it is without doubt a scam. No overseas online site can ship to you from overseas. It is illegal and the shipment will be caught by Australian Customs.

What Strains are available Online in Australia?

For those who are perhaps more attune with the use of cannabis, you will know that there are many strains to choose from.

There are many types of strains which can be found on the internet to choose from. The 10 most common strains that are found on the internet are listed below:

👇 Check out any of our strain guides listed below. These will tell you all you need to know!👇

Sour Diesel

A sativa-dominant strain known for its pungent diesel-like aroma and uplifting, energetic effects.

Blue Dream

A hybrid strain that combines Blueberry and Haze, known for its balanced effects, providing a relaxed yet euphoric experience.

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)

A hybrid strain with a sweet and earthy aroma, offering a mix of cerebral and physical effects.

girl scout cookie cannabis

OG Kush

A classic and widely popular indica-dominant strain with a distinct, piney scent and relaxing effects.

Australian Online Cannabis Strains

What Customer Support Is Available?

Customer Support is vital when buying cannabis online. In determining a good online cannabis stie, you should always test their customer support through the channels that they offer. Most will have an email or contact number, with the better sites offering Live Chat. Ask them questions, and assess how responsive and honest they are.

Live Chat

Live chat is one of the most effective ways to reach out to customer support for quick answers. However most of the time, you will be treated by a simple algorithm driven funnel of responses. The more advanced automated Live Chat nowadays use AI to help with bringing are more natural and effective feel. Long gone are the days of real people manning the live chat line due to cost cutting.

 Whilst it’s a shame that Live Chat can sometimes be a hit and miss, first try it and see if you can get the answers that you are looking for.


Email is a safe way to contact Customer Support without a need to formally register your details. The downside of using email is that the responses may take some time or even they get lost in the horde of other customer query emails. But when responses are received, the answers are usually quite thorough and helpful. Email can be a better way to contact Customer Support because the length of responses are not limited in characters, links can be attached, and their responsiveness will indicate their professionalism and quality.


Typically phone support will come in the form of WhatsApp or other instant messaging apps. There are some sites, however, that will offer a direct contact number but these are far and few between. Instant messaging apps aren’t a bad way with seeking Customer Support, however it does require you to reveal your phone number which you may not want to do – certainly if you wish to remain anonymous.

What other Cannabis products can you find in Australia?

There is a plethora of Cannabis products that are now available online, spanning from seeds to edibles. This is a testament to how far cannabis technology has developed. In saying this, we encourage you to be aware of any risks of new products. In particular, the nascent vaping market not only comprises of nicotine (tabacco) but also cannabis can be a mixed bag of chemicals which could be harmful to the body.

Cannabis Seeds

If you are wanting to grow your own plants, you can do so by growing from cannabis seeds. Cannabis seeds can be for various different types of strains. Seeds are sold at various online sites and can vary greatly in prices. Hence, check out a range of sites before committing to buying seeds online. Seeds can also be delivered discretely if that is important to you.

As a word of caution, there are also many online sites which claim to sell seeds which are scams. Selling seeds online in Australia for recreational activity is illegal. In addition, only the ACT has legalised the owning of cannabis plants, limiting them to two plants for personal use. 


Edibles aren’t as well known or as popular as other cannabis products. Edibles may include cookies and gummie lollies that have been infused with cannabis oil. Most edibles won’t have the same impact or sensation when compared to smoking, however they can offer medicinal benefits for some illnesses such as mental health, autism, ADHD and eczema. Make sure you consult your health care professional if you are considering using edibles as a form of treatment.

As a niche category, edibles can be found on some online sites, but most however do not stock edibles. As a result, you may need to search extensively if you are trying to find an edible which is “left of field”. In addition, you may discover that listing prices could be quite expensive, hence, ask for a discount.

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil can be used in many forms. Some use cannabis oil through ingesting and placing a few drops on the tongue, while others mix cannabis oil with creams to create a soothing balm. Cannabis oil comes in small glass or plastic containers in a range of sizes.

Scam Sites – does it look suspiciously odd?

Scams are becoming more prevalent in Australia, with many criminals even openly mocking how gullible Australians are. Unfortunately, scam sites are everywhere on the internet for cannabis. Due to the current legislation that prohibits the sale of cannabis in Australia for recreational use, there are no online sites that formally and openly tout a legitimate sale of cannabis.

But, when you search on the internet on any web browser or search engine, you will find a list of online sites that sell cannabis which are mostly scam sites. Be alert to cannabis scam sites.

Are there Encrypted Cannabis Mobile Apps to Download?

Currently there aren’t any mobile apps that are available to Australians to use to purchase or as a knowledge base. Mobile apps do have benefits for online gaming, tailoring specific tasks or services to a mobile phone, however many online sellers of cannabis do not see any benefits of releasing a mobile app specifically for the purposes of ordering cannabis.

What Payment Methods can you use to buy Cannabis in Australia?

Online Cannabis sites in Australia accept many commonly used payment methods. Among them include PayID, BPay, PayPal, Credit and Debit Cards and bank transfers. Some will also accept cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ethereum or USDT.


PayID is an Australian developed banking method that cleverly uses a mobile phone number or email address to be assigned to your bank account. To make a payment, rather than entering the lengthy BSB and Account Number, users can simply make payment to a mobile phone number or email address. This removes the risk of typing an incorrect BSB and Account, and it also has the feature of displaying the assigned name to the mobile and email address to allow senders to be sure they are sending monies to the correct recipient.

PayID is a convenient way to make payment online for cannabis.


BPay is also a payment method that is specific to Australia. BPay is commonly used for utility bills and other common and frequent transaction from trusted large service providers.

BPay is not a common method for purchasing online cannabis. If you come across a site which purports to accept BPay, scrutinise the site closely. More often than not, the site will be a scam site.


The most common method of purchasing cannabis is via bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies offer anonymity in transaction, but sadly it is also a way of scam sites of taking money leaving victims with no recourse of recovering funds.


PayPal is still widely used in Australia, but perhaps not as popular as it used to be. Some online sites will accept PayPal as a payment method.

Is Cannabis Legal in Australia?

Medicinal Cannabis has been legalised in Australia. To use cannabis legally as a form of medical treatment, patients are required to see health care professionals. GP’s and specialists are the first point of call to discuss medicinal cannabis as a form of treatment.

Recreational cannabis is illegal in all States and Territories in Australia, with the exception of the ACT. There is however, a push for legal reform as seen by the Legalise Marijuana Party that has garnered much support in NSW and Victoria.

Can you legally purchase Cannabis online in Australia?


Because of the illegality of recreational use of Cannabis in Australia, there are currently no online sites in Australia that legally sells Cannabis.

Where to go now

Many Australians are searching the internet to find where they can buy Cannabis online. There are many aspects that should be considered when buying cannabis online. Most importantly, cannabis cannot be sold legally online in Australia. As a result sites that do offer cannabis for use, are those which are licensed and approved for medicinal use only.

Online Cannabis sites will accept various forms of Australian payment methods including PayID, Bitcoin and bank transfers. That said, the majority of these sites which purport to sell for recreational use fall into the scam category.