Transformers: BattleTrap (G1)


Toughened through combat, a fearsome Terrorcon fighter.



Super strong. Can overpower most opponents in hand to hand combat.


Wreaking ball that can be used as a mallet. Able to extend reach to defeat close range combat.


A large black machine gun with the ability to fire rapid rounds.


Transforms into a hook truck.

Detailed Profile

Transformer Battletrap in the Rise of the Beast wars is a G1 Decepticon, which means he is a Terracon. He is a soldier who loves to fight. He is equipped with a machine gun and a wreaking ball that acts as a mallet to smash his enemies.

As a soldier he is strategically cunning on the battlefield. He is one of the deadliest warriors that the G1 autobots must face.

Battletrap transforms into a haul truck. Though not the fastest of vehicles, he is rugged, robust and tough. Power and stamina are his strengths.

Battletrap's downfall can be his arrogance and overconfidence with his fighting skills. However, he is aware that being overconfident on the battlefield can be dangerous, if not lethal. Overall, Transformer Battletrap is tough enemy of the autobots. He is cunning, smart and wiley. With an arsenal that is capable of destroying most opponents with one blast, Battletrap is not to be messed with.

Battle Ready

Battletrap is ready to fight. Gun and wreaking ball positioned to attack.


Battletrap in casual pose.


Battletrap is running to join the melee.


Side profile of Battletrap. Standing ready.

Truck Mode

Battletrap in truck mode.

Package Image

Side box image of Battletrap

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