Falke Socks: Experience blister free running

Falke Socks Australia

Do you need socks that won’t give you blisters?

Falke socks prevents blisters on your feet

During this Christmas day, I have joy to bring to runners who experience blisters. Today, I have discovered Falke Socks! The socks that amazingly allows you to run (or play any sport) without your feet suffering from blisters.

I have suffered from blisters all my life, and I have always thought that it was the shoe. No matter what I wore after a lengthy run of over 8kms, I would gradually develop blisters. Not so bad at first, however increasingly painful as the blister grows until it pops and I use an assortment of bandaids and disinfectant to patch up. I then run through the pain barrier (feeling tough but crying on the inside).

Today on Christmas day, my cousin gave me a pair of Falke’s. He bought them from the City to Surf Expo at their Australian launch, and was kind enough to think of Christmas presents for me. (Why couldn’t you have given them to me earlier cuz?!)

What makes Falke Socks special?

Falke socks are widely popular around the world. Designed in Germany and produced South Africa, these socks are the go to socks for runners that experience blisters. Made from the best quality merino wool, these are arguably the best merino wool socks available on the market.

The design is specifically for runners which truly provides enhanced comfort, leading to better performance.

Falke Socks Australia

Finally! Falke Socks launched in Australia this August 2019 and opened up their first sales at the City to Surf Expo. According to my cousin, they were selling like hot pancakes!

Their entire range of sock apparel (which extends beyond running) is now available for Australians.

Where to buy Falke Socks

You can buy conveniently buy Falke socks at their online store. (Orders over $50 receive free shipping).

Or you can buy them at these retail outlets:

  • David Jones
  • The Body Mechanic
  • ProShop Solutions
  • Pymble Golf Club
  • PACE Athletic

Falke Socks Review

I rip off the Christmas wrapping and slip the Falke socks on. In texture, the socks feel smoother that my normal cotton / polyester sock (or am I just imagining?) They fit snuggly around my feet. Feeling good, I put on my ASIC runners, and begin a slow easy run in the coolness of the early hours of Christmas day. Light rain had fallen overnight – giving reprieve to the firefighters I hope, since it has been a terrible bush fire season for this Australian summer.

It’s hard to describe, but there is a noticeable difference when running with Falke socks. Unlike other socks, there’s less “friction” around the feet. Not only around the toes, where I usually experience blistering, but the entire foot. As I get past the first few kilometres, I begin to quicken to reach my steady 5min/km pace. I couldn’t believe it. This is what blister free running is all about. There was no discomfort, nothing, zilch, zero! Even as I ran to complete the last of my seven kilometre run, I was blister free!

Thank you Falke! (and my cousin for the Christmas Gift)


FALKE is a privately owned German company that specialises in premium quality clothing and accessories. As with many things German, these products are the best in design and production. Perfection is the goal, demonstrated by the attention to detail and quality.

Their sports socks excel in running, cycling, golf and many other sports. If you exercise regularly, the FALKE socks are well worth the money.

With an established strong presence in Europe and South Africa, FALKE is now expanding in Australia.


Are Falke socks sold in Australia?
Yes, they are now being sold in Australia. Falke launched their online apparel store in August 2019.
Where can I buy Falke socks?
The easiest way to purchase Falke socks is via their online store. They currently offer free shipping for purchases over $50. You can also find Falke socks sold at retail outlets such as PACE Athletics, Pymble Golf Club, The Body Mechanic and ProShop Solutions.
Why are Falke socks better than any other pair of socks?
Falke socks are German designed and are widely used in the extreme marathon and racing events found in South Africa. They use high quality merino wool to engineer the sock, resulting in one of the most comfortable and long lasting socks on the planet.