Gigadat Recommended Online Casinos

Gigadat is one of the most popular payments for online casino deposits in Canada. It is synonymous with Interac, and is therefore a trusted and reliable payment method that many Canadians are familiar with.

Experience means a lot with in the digital payment industry. Just take a look at Bank Wire, the German fintech wonder boy that rose to fame within a few years, and subsequently crashed and burned through the exposure of its fraudulent activity. Gigadat has been around for more than 35 years, and is definitely not your fly by cowboy fintech company. The are tried and tested through time. Canadians recognise this and continue to use the Gigadat online payment services.

What it not commonly known, is that Canadian players for online casinos can use Gigadat to process their Deposits and Withdrawals. As a player, if you are looking for online casinos that accept Gigadat, and are reliable, safe and secure, then choose from our list of highly recommended:

Gigadat Accepted Online Casinos

King Billy

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Slot Wolf

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Up to C$4500 + 200 Free Spins

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Spin Samurai

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Casino Days

Trusted and Reputable

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Slot Hunter

Various Payment Options

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Online casinos that accept Gigadat are extremely popular. Players are searching for payment methods that are effective and safe, and therefore Gigadat fits the bill. Created alongside Interact it can be relied up to get the gaming action going.

Why use Gigadat?

Created by Canadians for Canadians

Gigadat has a long standing history that sits alongside Interac. In fact, the two payment solution companies are extremely closely interrelated that often they are viewed as the same digital platform. Without going into lengthy detail of the differences, suffice to say, that Gigadat can be truly reliable up as it is a Canadian solution provider. Onshore and regulated within the Canadian Financial Services regulatory environment, Canadians can be assured of the top quality of service.

Safe and Secure

Stemming from the fact that Gigadat is an onshore solution provider, it therefore goes without saying that it is safe and secure. The creation of the digital payment was based on the ability to be seamlessly compatible with Canadian banks. It is therefore one of the most integrated digital platforms used by the top Canadian banks. This therefore provides an unparalled convenience that other digital platforms cannot beat.


Gigadat, because it is connected to the top Canadian banks, means you don’t need to create a new digital wallet or transition through an endless number of steps and record new passwords to implement a deposit or withdrawal. The wide ranging connectivity between banks and online casinos, makes Gigadat a preferred payment solution for players.

Easy Steps to perform an Online Casino Gigadat Deposit

1. Who do you bank with and do you have online banking

  • There are over 260 banks that support Gigadat, so if you bank with any of the Canadian banks you can most certainly used Gigadat. The majority of Canadians would also have online banking that facilitates Interac Online or Inter E Transfer. As previously mentioned Gigadat and Interac are closely interrelated companies usually used interchangeably.
  • If you bank with a Canadian bank and have online banking then you are ready to proceed to the online casino!

2. At the Online Casino

  • Proceed to the Cashier section.
  • First Claim the Bonus (or any bonus) by going to the offer, click “Redeem”, or insert the Bonus Code into the “Enter Code” tab.
  • Then continue to making a deposit. Select from the payment options Interac E Transfer or Interac Online.
  • And that’s it! You’ve made a deposit.


  • Gigadat is one of the most reliable payment methods for Canadians.
  • With over 35 years in the Financial Services industry, can you can be rest assured that Gigadat is genuine, trustworthy, safe and secure.
  • Making a deposit and withdrawal is really easy and convenient. The wide partnership with many banks creates a seamless payment process.