Best 5 High Performance Running Socks for 2024

High Performance Socks to boost your running to new heights

Fellow Australians, are you interested in boosting your speed?

Read our high performance sock reviews to help choose!

Unless you have been hiding under a rock and remained cool through the scorching summer, running in Australia is going to get hotter and hotter! Comfort is therefore a premium that we must search for when running.

For most runners, often it’s the running shoe that takes the focus of attention for comfort and performance. So when there is foot discomfort such as blisters, heel pain and foot soreness, the shoe is examined and different shoes are tested to address the issue.

What is overlooked is the sock!

A good high performance sock can prevent blisters and add that extra comfort for an increase in performance.

As you know, a sock slides in between the foot and the shoe. Thus, if a poor sock is used:

  • friction can form blisters
  • moisture is retained causing uncomfortable damp sensation
  • foot and sock odor persists as a result of accumulation of bacteria

The ability of socks to impact performance should not be underestimated. Everyone knows running with blisters hinders performance and can also be excruciatingly painful. Buy a good pair of socks, and you will notice the difference.

High performance socks will:

  • Regulate foot temperature
  • Wick fast
  • Prevent blisters
  • Shield against bacteria
  • Supplement support for the foot

How to choose the best performance socks


Cotton made socks are the worst socks to run in. They do not wick, they retain heat, and because of the moisture retention they will cause blisters.

Merino wool has been found to be the most structurally strong whilst having the ability to dissipate heat, fast dry and be odor resistant. You will therefore often find it blended with polyester, nylon and spandex to produce socks for the hard core endurance runners or hikers. For road warriors, merino wool isn’t necessary unless running in cold and damp weather.

Avoid socks that are made of cotton, but contain a good blend of quality materials such as merino, polyester, nylon and/or spandex.


The right thickness depends on the runner. Some runners prefer the extra cushioning provided by a thick sock, others prefer a thin minimalist sock that is light.

Choose the right thickness of socks for you.


Trek runners prefer the longer length socks which are good for protecting the legs from bush scratches and insect bites. Whilst road runners prefer the short to mid cut length socks.

If you are a road warrior choose socks which are low to mid cut. If you are a hiker and need upper leg support choose high cut socks.

1. Falke RU4 Cooling Socks

The ultimate sock for endurance runners

Falke Socks RU4

Falke are very well known in the sports apparel industry and have made the best high performance sock for the all rounder. Their three layered engineered sock which uses patented technology is the ultimate in fast drying, temperature regulation, and blister prevention. As a testament, a lot of the runners that compete in the South African ultra-marathons choose to run in Falke’s and these runners are running for days and miles!

  • Made in Germany
  • Can be personalised with initials with font selection

2. Smartwool Phd Socks

The best for cold weather running

Keep your toes warm in the cold with Smartwool Phd Socks

These socks are very smart! These socks will keep your feet warm in weather that is above freezing temperature and in rain. The socks fit nicely and will last for many miles of running. They are made with excellent cushioning and support for the feet. The sock also dissipates heat and sweat well, allowing feet to breath. You won’t get that clammy sensation and have stinky socks. The only set back is that it is one of the most expensive socks, but well worth it for the runner who needs warm socks for the cold. The sock is made of Merino blended wool combined with nylon.

Buy these socks, if you run in the cold!

3. REI Co-op Lightweight Merino Wool Hiking Crew Socks

A hikers’ sock – toughness and durability

REI Co-op are one of the best camping gear companies in the world. They have created the best socks for hikers that can withstand the test of time. Tough and durable the are made with a mixture of 79% Merino wool, 20% nylon and 1% Lycra spandex. The use of high quality Merino wool for this socks makes it a winner!

Hikers have attested walking through bush, climbed mountain, crawled through creeks, wrestled polar bears and the socks have come through with no holes or tears.

  • Seamless toe and quick drying
  • Merino wool blend

4. Rockay Accelerate Running Socks

Run fast and run in comfort

Run faster run further with Rockay Accelerate

Feel the difference with running with Rockay Accelerate socks. When you slip them on it feels so smooth. They are such a joy to wear that won’t want to take them off! These socks are guaranteed for life, and have been written about in Forbes and Business Insider.

There is lots of support for all areas of the feet, awesome padding, and fast wick drying. Ensure that you get a good fit, and these socks will be your companion for a life time.

Guaranteed for life

5. Ashmei Checkered Merino socks

A runner’s and cyclist sock!

A runners and cyclist’s sock

These socks are awesome for the runner cum cyclist. Why have two pairs, one for running and one for cycling, when you can have the perfect pair that can be used for both!

The customer care and attention to detail in packaging is superb. These socks will make you want to run and cycle forever. Your spouses won’t know when you will be coming back – if ever.

Do you cycle and run? Then these are for you!

Choose a good high performance sock!

You may think that socks are simply socks, but once you wear a pair of great socks you will appreciate the importance of them. Make sure when choosing a pair of socks that they fit well. Fit is extremely important to ensure the sock fits the contours of your feet to provide the right support.

In addition, you will find that the socks that we recommend may cost up to three to five times more than your simple average sports sock. You may hesitate and think twice due to the cost, but do not undervalue the benefits that you will gain with a good sock. The price is well worth it.

Choose the high performance quality socks, and you will be able to run forever.