MiniMowers – Life Skills

MiniMowers is an Australian-based nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching people how to mow lawns as a vital skill for life.

Their programs are tailored to any individual and is delivered through the collaboration of mentors, therapists, volunteers and understanding customers.


The MiniMowers mission is to empower individuals with special needs, by providing them with the necessary skills to become valuable members of their community.

Through the lawn mowing program, individuals will be able to grow with independence, self-confidence and a sense of purpose.

Focusing on individualised training through mentorship, will help participants develop the skills needed to become successful lawn mowers while providing a meaningful service to the community.


  • Teaching life skills through mowing lawns.
  • Provide a safe environment where participants can practise communication
  • Community involvement
  • To provide young adults with disabilities a path way to contribute to society


  • Provide a training program
  • Can lead to real work opportunities
  • Teach life skills
  • Coaching and mentoring programs that volunteers can join

Why Lawn Mowing?

A life skill that is easy and simple to master. Everyone can learn this life skill.

MiniMowers, can also practise other life skills such as time management, managing money, working with supervisors and with customers.

Fun with playing with equipement.Satisfying and rewarding by completing a task that is achievable.


  • Are the valued workers!
  • They learn how to use a lawn mower, place cuttings in the green bin.
  • Learn and practise how to interact with customers and partners in a safe environment.
  • Build a relationship with MowerMentors
  • Mow the lawn!

MiniMower Mentors

  • Are wonderful volunteers
  • They are either close family, friends and/or carers, or even someone who wants to lend a hand.
  • They support and guide MiniMowers.
  • They too learn how to use the equipment.


Therapists are invited to provide input for developing a tailored MiniMowers program. By working closely with MiniMowers, you can advise on identify areas of need, creating and implementing therapeutic interventions, monitoring progress, and adjusting interventions as needed.


  • Want their lawns mowed, but aren’t too fussed out the quality 🙂
  • Understand that the goals of our people stretch beyond lawn mowing.
  • It’s about life skills which Customers can help provide real experience.


  • Donate equipment.
  • Donate funding.
  • Provide skill training of their equipment.
  • Speech and Occupational Therapists that build programs

Mow with MiniMowers

Join the MiniMower’s lawn mowing program and experience a tailored program. Complete with one-on-one mentoring sessions. The program focuses on various areas to help you enhance your skills and gain confidence in lawn mowing. With MiniMowers, you can work on developing both verbal and non-verbal communication skills to help express your thoughts and feelings effectively. MiniMowers can also assist you with honing your social skills, so you can communicate and relate better with your mentor.

Collaboration is a key aspect of the MiniMower’s program, where you’ll work as a team with your mentor to achieve your lawn mowing goals. You’ll learn important skills like sharing and turn-taking to help you work efficiently and effectively. The program is designed to help you gain confidence through regular practice and guidance from your mentor.

Emotional development is another crucial area of focus. The program helps you to express your emotions, whether it’s anxiety, nervousness, confidence, or responsibility. It’s well understood that everyone has unique needs, so the program is specifically designed to help you develop the skills that you need most.

In addition, this program can help you improve your communication and literacy skills. Expand your vocabulary in a social and emotional environment, and increase your language development through interactive sessions with your mentor. MiniMowers are committed to helping you reach your full potential and become a valuable member of the community.

About MiniMowers

An organisation committed to helping individuals with special needs learn valuable life skills through lawn mowing. Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and grow, and the MiniMowers program provides just that.

The organisation offers a safe and supportive environment where individuals can learn how to mow lawns, an important skill that can lead to greater independence and employment opportunities. The program is tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual, and providing one-on-one support and guidance throughout the learning process.

In addition to teaching valuable life skills, the program emphasizes the importance of giving back to the community. By mowing lawns for those in need, participants are able to make a positive impact and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive community where individuals of all abilities can thrive is the goal. Whether you’re looking to learn new skills, make friends, or give back to the community, you are invited to join this journey.