Northern Lights Cannabis Review

Northern Lights Cannabis

Northern Lights, a highly esteemed and globally acknowledged cannabis strain, has been around since the 1980s. This strain, which leans towards indica, is renowned for its soothing and sleep-promoting qualities.

In this article, we will explore where to buy Northern Lights in Australia, how to grow the plant, its origins, characteristics, effects, and legal status in the country.

We will also compare Northern Lights to other popular strains to give you a better understanding of its unique qualities.

Key Information

StrainNorthern Lights
THC %16-21%
AromaEarthy, sweet, pine
OriginPacific Northwest, USA
EffectsRelaxation, euphoria, happy, sleepy, hungry
Flowering Time7-9 weeks
Growing EnvironmentBoth (can be grown indoors or outdoors)

Where to Buy Northern Lights

Unfortunately, Australians cannot buy Northern Lights online whether it be at a local or oversea’s site.

It remains illegal purchase Northern Lights online, including in the ACT, which remains the only State or Territory to legalise the recreational use of cannabis.

Whilst there are many sites which declare their ability to deliver direct to you discretely in Australia, these sites are scam sites and are to be avoided.

Northern Lights Seeds

Northern Lights seeds cannot be purchased online, similar to the flower itself.

How to Grow Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a relatively easy strain to grow and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. It has a short flowering time and can produce high yields. It thrives in a warm and humid environment and requires regular watering and nutrients.


Northern Lights is a hybrid strain that is believed to have originated in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It is a cross between two landrace strains, Thai and Afghani, and was first bred in the 1970s.


Northern Lights is known for its resinous and dense buds that are covered in trichomes. The plant has a pungent and earthy aroma with hints of sweetness. It is a fast-acting and potent strain with high levels of THC, ranging from 16-21%.


Northern Lights is a powerful indica-dominant strain that offers a relaxing and sedative experience. It is commonly used for stress and anxiety relief, as well as pain management and insomnia. The high is characterized by a feeling of deep relaxation and euphoria.

Compare to Other Strains

Compared to other indica strains, Northern Lights is known for its unique and potent effects. It has a high THC content and is fast-acting, making it a popular choice among those looking for relief from pain and anxiety. Its sedative effects make it a great choice for evening use.

Legal Status in Australia

The legal status of Northern Lights and other cannabis strains varies in different regions of Australia. While cannabis is illegal for recreational use in most parts of the country, medical cannabis is legal under certain circumstances. It is important to research the laws and regulations in your specific region before purchasing or growing Northern Lights.


Northern Lights is a classic and popular strain that offers a relaxing and potent experience. It is relatively easy to grow and widely available for purchase in Australia. However, it’s important to understand the legal status of cannabis in your region before purchasing or growing the plant. Overall, Northern Lights is a great choice for those looking for a powerful and relaxing strain with a unique aroma and flavor profile.