PayRoller Review

I recently had the unfortunate experience of using PayRoller, an online payroll company that promised to simplify my business’s payroll processes. However, my experience with this service left much to be desired, and I’d like to share my frustrations in this review.

One of the most significant issues I encountered with PayRoller was their billing practices. When I opted for an annual subscription, I was under the impression that it came with the benefit of being “free of cancellation.” However, this supposed perk turned out to be a major drawback. If, for any reason, you decide to cancel your subscription shortly after purchasing an annual plan, there are no refunds offered. This policy felt extremely unfair and left me feeling trapped with a service I no longer wanted to use.

To make matters worse, PayRoller introduced a paid version, which caused further frustration. The pricing model struck me as unreasonable, with minimum payments and limitations on adding additional users. This shift from a free service to a paid one felt like a betrayal to loyal users like myself.

Another aspect that contributed to my negative experience with PayRoller was their deceptive practices. The company initially marketed itself as a free service, only to later start charging users without proper notice or transparency. This bait-and-switch tactic left me feeling deceived and disappointed.

Lastly, the customer service at PayRoller proved to be a major headache. Response times were excruciatingly slow, and there were limited avenues for reaching out for assistance. This lack of efficient support made it challenging to address my issues effectively.

In conclusion, my experience with PayRoller was marked by frustration and disappointment. The billing practices, sudden transition to a paid service, and inadequate customer support left me feeling unsatisfied with the service. As someone who values transparency, reliability, and responsive customer service in a payroll service, PayRoller fell short of my expectations in every way. I would strongly advise potential users to consider these concerns before opting for PayRoller as their payroll solution.