ReadingTown – A review for Parents and Carers

ReadingTown, an esteemed educational program based in Australia, focuses on instilling English literacy and language capabilities in children of all ages. Since its inception in 2007, the program aims to provide students with essential skills and tools to succeed in their academics and everyday life.

In this article, we will explore what ReadingTown offers and why it may be a great option for your child.

What is ReadingTown?

ReadingTown offers a comprehensive English language and literacy education program that covers reading, writing, speaking, and critical thinking. The program is designed to cater to children of all ages and abilities, from pre-schoolers to high school students. ReadingTown’s curriculum is based on the Australian National Curriculum, which ensures that students receive high-quality education that meets the standards of the Australian education system.

ReadingTown’s teaching approach is unique in that it is based on the latest research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology. The program aims to help students develop a deep understanding of the English language and how it works, which can lead to greater confidence and success in academic and professional pursuits. ReadingTown’s instructors are highly trained and experienced in teaching English language and literacy skills, and they are passionate about helping children succeed.

What does ReadingTown offer?

ReadingTown offers a wide range of English language and literacy programs that are tailored to meet the needs of each individual student. Some of the programs offered by ReadingTown include:

  • Reading Program: This program is designed to help students develop strong reading skills, including phonemic awareness, comprehension, and vocabulary.
  • Writing Program: This program focuses on developing students’ writing skills, including grammar, sentence structure, and essay writing.
  • Speaking Program: This program is designed to help students develop their speaking and presentation skills, including pronunciation, intonation, and public speaking.
  • Critical Thinking Program: This program aims to help students develop critical thinking skills, including problem-solving, analysis, and evaluation.

In addition to these programs, ReadingTown also offers test preparation courses for exams such as the NAPLAN, HSC, and IELTS. These courses are designed to help students perform their best on these important exams and achieve their academic and professional goals.

Why choose ReadingTown?

There are several reasons why ReadingTown may be a great option for your child. Some of the benefits of enrolling your child in ReadingTown’s programs include:

  • Personalised approach: ReadingTown’s programs are tailored to meet the needs of each individual student, which ensures that they receive the education and support they need to succeed.
  • Experienced instructors: ReadingTown’s instructors are highly trained and experienced in teaching English language and literacy skills, which means that your child will receive high-quality education from a knowledgeable and dedicated teacher.
  • Comprehensive curriculum: ReadingTown’s curriculum covers all aspects of the English language and literacy education, which means that your child will receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for academic and professional success.
  • Focus on critical thinking: ReadingTown’s programs focus on developing critical thinking skills, which can help students succeed in all areas of life, not just in academic pursuits.
  • Positive learning environment: ReadingTown’s programs are designed to be fun, engaging, and supportive, which means that your child will enjoy learning and feel confident in their abilities.

ReadingTown Lesson Structure

  • Computer test: 15 – 30 mins
  • Structured Lesson: 60 mins
  • 2 – 6 students in a class

Each lesson includes a computer test, whereby the student is asked to answer questions online. This could take up to 15 to 30 minutes. 60 minutes is dedicated to small class learning with a tutor (face to face), that covers homeworks, learning a list of new words, that is integrated with a short story, followed by mix and match question and answers, context questions and short answers.

All up, a session is 1.5 hours and covers one lesson in a book.

There is homework assigned, which ideally is completed before the next lesson. The student is encouraged to take home a book to read, that is selected from their own library, and marked with learning words and learning outcomes for each book. Usually a book will align with the class lessons to reinforce new words being taught.

The tutor to student ratio can vary from 2 to 6 in a class, depending on the needs of each student and how they progress.

It is the structure of small classes, with a lesson to be completed for each session that allows a student to learn more effectively during their time at ReadingTown.


ReadingTown has four centres in New South Wales (NSW):

  • Strathfield
  • Epping
  • Chatswood
  • Hurstville

The four centres are extremely popular, with many students travelling from afar to attend these centres.


Overall, ReadingTown is a great option for parents who are looking for a comprehensive English language and literacy education program for their child. With a focus on personalized learning, experienced instructors, and a comprehensive curriculum, ReadingTown can help your child develop the skills they need to succeed academically and in life. If you are interested in enrolling your child in ReadingTown’s programs, we encourage you to contact them to learn more about their offerings and how they can help your child achieve their goals.

About ReadingTown

ReadingTown offers a variety of English language learning programs for students of all ages. They focus on helping students improve their English proficiency through a variety of programs, including support classes and after-school programs. ReadingTown also offers structured yet customised learning plans based on each student’s individual needs and goals. Centres are located in Strathfield, Chatswood, Hurstville and Epping in New South Wales, Australia.


Helpful for getting into a selective school?

In Australia, we know that many parents and carers, want their students to get into a selective school. And therefore some parents are specifically looking for a tutor that will help their children pass the exam. ReadingTown will help, in a general way, in succeeding with selective school exams, however, they do not explicitly go through the tips and tricks just to get high marks in the selective school exams.

(I understand why some parents would want a tutoring centre specific for passing selective school exams, however, it’s something that I would not encourage).

ReadingTown is therefore a more well rounded approach to learning English. There is structure, which helps children understand what is expected in each lesson, and what is required as homework. Often, students will get lost if there is too much flexibility, which is why ReadingTown is very effective.

What age are the students at ReadingTown?

Most students are in primary school, however, high school students can also attend.

Are there any classes available online?

During the covid pandemic, some classes were transferred online. However, with the easing of restrictions, online lessons are no longer conducted.

Are there any ReadingTown centres outside of New South Wales?

Unfortunately, there are currently no centres outside of New South Wales at the time of writing.

Is ReadingTown affordable?

ReadingTown is more affordable than other tutoring centres, because their programs are offered in blocks of 10 lessons. Other centres usually charge per lesson which is comparatively more expensive than ReadingTown.