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We provide you with running and cycling stories, tips and tricks and easy hacks to get you through your training programs and races. Having motivation is the hardest hurdle to overcome for many who are new. And we hope after reading this site, you will have the motivation to get out there and run and cycle.

Reading from other runners and cyclists about their experience is valuable. But what is even more valuable is the experience, from those who are just like you – the average John Smith and Jane Doe.

For many of us, we aren’t marathon runners, thin build, light of foot and on healthy diets. We just want to find a way to keep fit, stay injury free and have a healthy life balance.

Running and Cycling XL is for the average Joe and Jane. We hope you find the guides, tips and tricks valuable and motivating.

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Why should you run?

Running into the distance

Running is one of the easiest activities to pick up. Even if you are unfit and overweight, you will be able to run. I guarantee it. With the right mind set, and daily commitment, you will get there. It might be slow and it might be boring at first, but you will get there if you commit yourself and remain disciplined.

Running doesn’t need any special equipment, simply slip on a pair of runners and off you go. You can do it anywhere and anytime. Even, when you are on holidays, travelling the world, you can run.

Why should you cycle?

Cycling is addictive. If you haven’t ridden a road bike, then you are missing out on speed, excitement, and a great social bonding activity. Unlike, running, however you will need to have a bike. But the best thing about having a bike, is that once you are hooked on the sport, there is so much to talk about. Similar to cars, there are so many aspects to bikes and their accessories. It really is amazing.