Best 5 Small Running Shoes for 2024

Searching for the perfect running sneaker for men with smaller foot sizes?

Easy to read shoe guide to help you men small feet runners run further!

Finding the right shoe for the short guy (or girl), is extremely important, especially if you plan on taking running seriously. So I’ve written helpful guide for you short men, who are looking for the perfect running shoe. For me, my feet size fall between the mens US 7 and the teenager / kids size of US 6. This is a real pain for me, because at times I really want to buy the mens style and model, because they are definitely manufactured with better quality and have more variety of styles.

But the kids size US 6 fits much better, so I have to select this size. The draw backs are there are a limited number of styles suitable for the “mature adult”. Also there is embarrassment physically going to a shop and trying them on. (But thank the heavens of online shopping in today’s world. Once you find the right size you can simply order online).

I have tried running in a pair of women’s shoes, but I find it really uncomfortable, are women’s feet and shoes shaped differently to men’s? Plus one look at the style and people can tell that its for girls. Not that this really bothers me. If they were a perfect fit, I would wear them knowing that I would be able to run longer and further.

I’m a relatively keen runner. I wouldn’t say I’m fast, but I like to run in order to keep my weight down, to keep fit, and then to have an excuse to eat almost anything I like. During October 2019, I ran everyday for at least 7kms, this was a goal I had set myself and managed to attain. Hence, the perfect running shore is important for me, as I wear through them quite quickly.

Finding shoes that are mens sized US 6 are really difficult. Nearly impossible. Finding running shoes that are US 6 kids are more easily found, but may lack the quality and comfort. They have less variety and may not cater for high arching, wide or narrow feet, or flat feet. It is a challenge!

If you want to find the best shoes for size US 6 or slightly smaller for the running man, then please read on!

Adidas – my least favourite

I used to love Adidas, not for running but when I was playing a lot of basketball. Their basketball shoes were really good, but when I switched to running (I’m growing old and gave up basketball). At first I couldn’t find any suitable running shoe that would fit me in the mens sizes. So I began to look at the boys shoes, and bought the light blue Adidas as pictured. This was my first real set of running shoes to when I started out with my running regime.

It wasn’t until I bought the ASICS later on, that I realised that the Adidas were really bad. They were heavy, clunky, and felt uncomfortable.

Often when I ran over 10km in these shoes, my feet would become sore and turning my legs would be a struggle. I couldn’t maintain a high cadence. Rotating my legs with these shoes were a burden.

Even the shorter runs, would be slightly uncomfortable. The shoes are simply to heavy for the serious runner. Perhaps great for kids who want to play at the park, but not for running.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realise that these shoes were really bad, until I bought the ASICS.

Nike – the second worst shoes for small feet runners

I have found that Nike shoes, are probably the worst shoes for runners with small wide feet. Nike shoes look stylish, and are probably very good for the typical sized foot, typical runner. But I have found, if you don’t fit the norm, like us small feet men, the Nike shoe is not as good as the other brands.

My Nike shoes that I bought, were more for appearance, but I also tried running in it for a few kms. It’s not too bad, but not great either. Yes, they aren’t specifically running shoes, but I neither could find any Nike shoes that were running for the large teenage market i.e. US 6 size that did not look ridiculous.

ASICS Gel Kayano 24 – the third best of the best

My latest running shoes, are the navy blue running shoes. These are without doubt the most cushioned of all the shoes that I have ever had, but they aren’t the most comfortable. To explain further, I can feel the cushioning being nice and soft around the ankles and to a lesser extent under the heel. The material surrounding the entire foot is also nice and soft, but I feel, it is too cushiony. For my left shoe, the heel top back cushioning, for some reason feels like it has been padded wrongly by the manufacturer. So maybe I bought a dud pair of shoes?

Having said that, I love ASIC for the small feeted men. Although, these are my least favourite of all the ASIC shoes I own, they are still pretty good.

ASICS Gel Kayano 23 – the second best running shoes for US size 6

ASICS Kayano Gel 19 – the best running shoe for US size 6

These are the best shoes that I have, and will probably ever have. They are simply awesome, and it’s shame that I didn’t buy 20 pairs of these. As you can see, I have used them to the ground. I love these shoes, because they are perfect in comfort and in fit. Just right for the small footed short guy, and also has the width for me. The front foot mesh breaths wonderfully, and I really like the style. When I was hardcore running and ran during the night, the fluro and reflectors on the shoe were marvelous.

When going on the long runs, 21kms or more, they maintained the comfort and stability for the foot. Some shoes, after 10kms or more, you can feel the hardness begin to grind through the feet and into the legs. But these shoes were supple yet stable. I couldn’t have been any happier.

These are size US6 and I managed to buy them when they were on sale through a site called If I could turn back time, I would have bought them all!


If you are looking for the perfect running shoe for short guys with small feet, then you will need look further afield than simply in the men’s size range, and extend into the kid sizes. The women’s shoes may fit for some men, however, I personally feel that are structured differently and thus not suitable for me.

Hence, to ensure the most appropriate fit and comfort look within the boys sizes. The range is slightly more limited, and the quality may not be as good as the mens. But there is one advantage, and that is the shoe can be a lot cheaper.

Although, I haven’t tried every brand and style of running shoe out there, I feel that ASICS provides the best running shoe. Avoid the cheap ASICS running shoes, and go with the Kayano. Do NOT buy the Cumulus, I had a pair but lost them because I kept them as back at the work office. And a cleaner then through them out for being stored in the lockers for too long.