Slot Winning Hacks

Every day, countless people test their fortune on slot machines, all with the hope of hitting the coveted jackpot. Who wouldn’t desire to boost their odds of winning at slots? Or discover an easy trick to achieve a significant victory!

Everyone asks this question, and wants to know the answer to unlocking the key to riches. In this article we will attempt to answer the question and provide context.

It’s firstly important to understand how slot machines work. For knowing how slot machines work, you can then understand how to win.

Slot Machines are NOT manufactured by Casinos

The most common misconception by players, is that slot machines are created by casinos. With this assumption, players then deduce that slot machines are rigged. They come to this conclusion because when the slot machines are “tight” then it can only be because of human manipulation, bordering on cheating. You can see how and why players may think this, if you run through their line of thought. Continuously losing at the slot machines can cause many to assume that the machines are simply a scam.

For most developed countries, with strong regulations and compliance, this could not be further from the truth.

Slot machines are in fact produced in volume by slot machine manufacturers. The reason why a casino would not build them or manufacture them is simply due to economies of scale. The more volume that can be produced that cheap the overall production cost.

As a result, slot machines are NOT built by the casinos themselves. The casinos buy slot machines from manufacturers and the software embedded in the slot machines is usually programmed by slot machine software engineers. With other parties involved with having slot machines up and running at casinos, it becomes extremely difficult for casino operators to rig the set up.

But wait, some players maybe thinking that there is the potential for collusion. Or even bribes paid by the casino to the slot manufacturer and software engineers. In many jurisdictions, there are departments established that audit the compliance of slot machine. These departments have independent powers to strip gambling licenses from operators who break the law and can issue penalties and fines that would be detrimental to the casino and charges laid against senior managers.

The Audit Departments ensure that payout ratios are within local law requirements, that the machines are programmed without unfair influence or bias, and according to an approve Random Number Generator (RNG) logic.

Slot Machine Coding

Now that we understand that it is highly unlikely that slot machine logic is manipulated by casino operators, let’s move on to understanding how slot machines are coded.

Previously mentioned was the concept of RNG. RNG is an algorithm created by software developers that mimics randomness in numbers. This may be extremely hard to conceptualize for some, because if an output can be mathematically produced, then it cannot be truly random. In a sense this is true, however coders have been able to produce coding that will produce results that theoretically do not repeat (in the long run).

How RNG works

RNG is a computer coded algorithm that produces random results over the long term. The RNG is able to produce thousands of numbers per minute continuously and ongoing while the slot machine is on. Sometime the RNG coding is embedded within the slot machine itself and sometimes it is held on a common server located at the casino premises.

In starting a RNG, seeding must occur. Seeding is a term that means the starting point from which the RNG will begin basing its logic upon. The start point, will kick start the string of random numbers that will flow on after the machine has been switched on.

Once seeding has been set, the machine switched on, a flow of random numbers will be produced from which a result will derived at the time a Player hit’s the slot machine lever or buttons. The timing of when the Player acts in trigging a result is critical. With thousands of random numbers being produced each minute, the Player is essentially selecting a result that no human could possibly reproduce.

This fact should be pointed out, because again, to dispel the myth that casino operators can influence the outcome of slot machines is impossible. The casino operators would have no ability to produce results that would deliberately be more adverse to Players. Similarly, Players would not be able to influence the result such that it would be more favourable to them.

RNG Patterns Misconception

We now know that RNG results cannot be influenced to change an outcome, however, some Players maybe thinking that they can solve the pattern conundrum. By seeing a pattern, and cracking the pattern puzzle, a Player could in theory time their slot machine actions to hit the jackpot. Whilst, in theory this is possible, it is near impossible in reality.

To practically implement this:

  • The Player must be able to see a pattern. RNG’s do NOT produce patterns, unless they are extremely crudely designed RNG coding.
  • If the Player can somehow work out a pattern, the timing must be impeccable. With thousands of numbers churned out each minute, the Player would need to hit a button to the one hundredth of a minute. Possible, but highly unlikely.

As you can see, to take advantage of RNG patterns is impossible (without the aid of a machine).

How to win the Jackpot

With any casino game, there’s no magic about it. You simply need good hard luck! Some winners will hit the jackpot and many won’t. The best thing to understand as a player are the odds. The odds of winning Powerball or Mega Millions is so minuscule, it would take more that the lifetime of a Player to churn through all the combinations possible.

The odds or winning at slot machines is better, but remember, payout ratios are also aligned with the denominations. The smaller the denominations the lower the payout ratio. The higher the denominations, the better the payout ratios.


Players can become blinded with assuming slot machines are rigged, especially when a string of losses occur or if a perceived pattern does not eventuate.

In reality, slot machines are configured to produce random results that cannot be influenced by casino operators or players. Third party department often audit the slot machines to ensure fair play.

Random Number Generators are sophisticated algorithms developed by software engineers to be used in producing an outcome. In reality, even if Players knew the seeding position and the coding, it would be impossible for a Player to time the actions of a machine to produce the desired result of a win.

In summary, pure luck is all that is needed.