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With self distancing measures in place and people flocking to their favourite running routes – for example The Bay Run, Centennial Park – sometimes running outdoors is not convenient and even stressful!

I used to love running The Bay Run, but now it is overcrowded. I hate running with very little personal space. I’ve attempted to run in the back streets of the Sydney Inner Western Suburbs, but the streets are narrow, red lights are many and the foot paths are uneven. I, along with many other Australians, are currently finding outdoor running inconvenient and unpleasant experience. As a consequence, many are turning to purchasing personal indoor treadmills.

A treadmill is one of the most used pieces of gym equipment. You will always see a treadmill even at the most basic of gyms which is a testament as to how popular they are.

Why use a personal treadmill?

Runners find using a treadmill super convenient. The ability to get changed (usually in a nearby change room), then immediately jumping into a run, saves that little bit of time, not wasted.

Of course, having your own personal treadmill at home, allows you to run anytime you want. No matter what the weather holds – rain, hail or shine, you can still go running on a treadmill.

The benefits of treadmill running is the same as running outdoor on the road or pavement. In fact many runners say that there are advantages running on a treadmill, such as lower impact on the knees, and the ability to run at preprogrammed training goals.

Yes, there are some hard core runners, who find the treadmill more boring than running outdoor. But to be honest, running is running. You either like it or want to do it, or you don’t whether it be on a treadmill or not.

Considerations when buying a treadmill

There are several aspects to consider when purchasing a treadmill. We discuss the following:

Quality – quality is the first and foremost criteria when purchasing a treadmill. The last thing you want is for the treadmill to be broken after several uses. Just like when buying any product (or service), you need to ensure that you are buying a treadmill that will last.

Ease of use – for most runners are mostly interested in a few core features. Some, however, want the bells and whistles. Whether or not you go for the basics or the full blown premium Internet of Things model, it’s important to consider the ease of use. Without a treadmill that is easy to use, you will simply be wasting your money on buying a premium model by not using the extra features (because it’s too hard to).

Purpose – if you are planning on training for a marathon using a treadmill, then this is different from sprinting. Your gait length and top speed needs will be different. If you plan on a slow pace but lengthy use, then you are looking for durability. If you are planning on sprinting with intervals that you need a higher top speed model, with a longer running surface.

Set Programs – Augmenting the purpose are the set programs that are available with the treadmill. Set Programs are extremely helpful in achieving your goals, whether it be simply losing weight or increasing pace. Some examples of Set Programs include: Intervals, Hills and Laps.

  • Intervals – are in fact a method of training that is common for runners who want to quickly increase their cardio capacity, boost strength, and generally considered the fastest way of improving performance. Rather than a long drawn out steady run, intervals involve running at a range of between 70% to 100% of your capacity for several minutes or a set distance, then either resting or going back down to a slower pace. After recovering for a short period of time, returning back to the high intensity then backing back down again. By repeatedly performing intervals the body must learn to adjust to the stress of running at a fast pace. Yes, it can be gruelling, but intervals are normally shorter than longer runs, so you can reduce the time spent training but obtain significant performance benefits. Treadmills with Interval programs will help measure each interval, control the pace for each interval and stretch you to achieve the interval goals.
  • Hills – fantastic for boosting muscle strength. Hills running, is training your body to use power and strength to run up hills. In the case of treadmills, running at an incline. By running with a hills program you can boost your performance to run faster, stronger and longer. The increase in muscle to run up hills will significantly boost your VO2 max and reach your goals.

Weight and Size – looking for something compact and foldable? Or do you have the space for a bigger with all the bells and whistles machine? If size and weight cannot exceed particular parameters then you need to consider smaller treadmills. Though it may not meet your running training needs, it’s a trade off that should be considered.

Endurance Spirit Treadmill

Endurance Spirit Treadmill

The Endurance Sprint Treadmill is the best value for money. It is a fantastic personal treadmill, with many reviewers giving it the thumbs up. The treadmill is sturdy, durable, and packed with useful core features. In addition it is extremely well priced, making it affordable for many runners (including the hardcore ones).

You will not be disappointed. It can support runners of up to 160kg, this will more than meet the needs for the majority of runners. It has an automatic incline with various set programs. It is also foldable and has great length to cater for those with a long stride.

The Endurance Spirit is without doubt the best that money can buy and is the most popular among those looking for a great value for money treadmill.

Everfit Electric Treadmill

The best cheap treadmill for a beginner is the Everfit Electric Treadmill. It has a top speed of 12km/hr which is a very respectable 5min/km pace. Yes, this maybe a bit slow for the serious long distance runner, but for the average Jane and Joe, this is more than adequate.

The Everfit Electric Treadmill also has a variety of running programs, can take a maximum load of 120kgs and has a running surface of 120cm in length and 36cm in width. These specifications will meet the needs of the majority of beginners who are looking to get started.

If you looking for a cheap but reliable treadmill, then choose the Everfit Electric Treadmill.

York T800 Treadmill

York T800 Treadmill

The York T800 Treadmill is the best treadmill to buy if you beyond beginner and into serious training or wanting to simply consolidate and maintain good health.

It has a seven (7) inch LCD screen, that has an easy to use menu containing twelve programs to choose from. Yes, the screen is slightly small, but this treadmill packs a punch. Top speed of 16km/hr which translates to 3.75min/km, this will give any hard core runner a run for this money (pun intended).

The running surface is relatively narrow but has a respectable length. The weight of the treadmills comes in at just above 70kgs, which means it’s relatively easy to tuck away if you are short of space.

The design appears to be filmsy, but in fact, it is a rather sturdy and durable treadmill. If you weigh under 110kgs it will be easy for this treadmill to take the pounding of your running.