Ultimate Beginners Guide to Running – 2024

Seeking to discover the secrets behind successful running?

Don’t make these simple mistakes in 2020

  • You may think running is too hard.
  • It’s too difficult.
  • You don’t have the will power.

Well guess what, it’s a lot easier than you think.

You see, us humans were built for running. Our bodies enjoy running. And so do our minds.

You just need to get your shoes on, that’s all, and get out there!

Read these tips everyday to keep motivated. And post your achievements on the motivation wall!

Tip 1: Don’t over think it

Its quite simple. Set a time and commit to it. Most people are free at 6am each morning, so get up and run out the door.

Or pick a time, any time that you know you will be free, and run. No excuses. Don’t over think it, go out the door and run.

Tip 2: You’re not a runner unless you run

Doesn’t matter how much planning you put into it, at the end of the day, if you haven’t run then you are NOT a runner. It’s simple, runners run.

So get out there and run. And be proud to call yourself a runner.

Tip 3: Just run

Planning which route to take? Which is the easiest or least stops? Who cares? You can run, and just keep running anywhere. Run over bridges, run in circles, run through little alleys. Just run.

Tip 4: Run every day

Run everyday. That’s right, run everyday. Get into that rhythm and run everyday. Start out slow, run walk run for 30mins. Keep doing it until you can run for thirty minutes without stopping. Once you achieve running for thirty minutes, it means you can run 5kms!


With these easy four tips, you will become a runner. Doesn’t matter if you are slow or fast, walk or run, you are a runner it you run. Get into a daily rhythm and enjoy!