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Gambling at online platforms within the country is forbidden, yet engaging in online gambling through offshore sites is not explicitly authorized or banned. The options for gambling in physical casinos are confined to either boats or establishments that are situated on water. Additionally, the state offers lottery, bingo, and horse racing activities.

Online Gambling

  • Online casinos offshore based, licensed and regulated, accept players from Missouri.
  • There are no state regulated online onshore operators.
  • Missouri State Lottery holds monopoly on lottery products
  • Commercial licenses awarded for riverboat casinos

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Online casino activity is currently available and offered through various sites that are based offshore. These sites are safe and secure to play at, with no risk posed to Missouri players, both regarding legality or to player data protection.

The best online casinos all use the latest SSL internet technology, and feature secure payment methods that are common, trusted and processed by reputable financial institutions. These include: VISA, MasterCard, Amex, Bitcoin (BTC), direct wire transfers and many other methods.

Casino Bonuses are extremely important in selecting an online casino. We have therefore displayed some of the best casino bonuses that can be found whilst balancing other important criteria such as safety and security as previously mentioned. However, for ease of reference, we have listed them according to the size of bonus.

Without doubt, at the time of writing, El Royale Casino offers the best casino bonus deal. It is also one of the safest. Coupled with excellent customer service, El Royale is our top recommended online casino for Missouri players.

Online Live Dealer Casinos

You might be a player who has their doubts regarding the reliability and honesty of playing RNG online casino games, and that is completely understandable, especially if you are more accustomed to seeing the physical cards being dealt out, the ball being spun or the dice being rolled.

Well, now you can play at online live dealer casino games and remove all doubt.

Online live dealer casino games are real table games video streamed directly to your playing device. There are multiple angles that can be viewed singularly or simultaneously to see the action unfold. The streaming is in HD and there are state of the art graphics to display hot trends, and numerous statistics.

You can also interact with the live dealer and fellow players. Using instant chat messaging, you can converse as if you were at a real Vegas casino. Online Live Casinos are vey much a blend of real live gaming with internet gambling features.

Many online live dealer casino games also allow players to choose a table that has a dealer that speaks the language of their choice. If you prefer an American English native speaker, or perhaps you want to play with a Mandarin Chinese native speaker, the choice is yours.

Many games can be player as you would at a Vegas casino – blackjack (and its many variations), roulette (American and European), craps, baccarat, sic bo and casino war.

Playing at online live dealer casino games also takes advantage of casino bonuses. Just make sure that the bonus code that you do choose can be used for Live Dealer games.

If you have any doubt about the fairness of RNG online casino games, or if you want to experience Vegas like table games online, then play at online live dealer casinos.

Sports Betting

Interactive sports betting remains illegal onshore. But there are Online sports betting sites that do exist and are based offshore that accept Missouri bettors, with no precedence of any bettor being informed of a breach in law, let alone charged with a misdemeanor or felony.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports is growing fast in popularity. New to the gambling scene, it is considered a game of skill by many which requires bettors to create a fictitious team based on real players. The performance of the real sports players in real life determine how successful the fictitious team is. As a result, it truly is those with the most “skills” will win.

The two dominate daily fantasy sports providers is DraftKings and FanDuel. On this site, we do not actively promote daily fantasy sports as we understand that it is a game of “skill” which is being exploited by bettors who have the best risk modelling. That is, it isn’t nearly about how well you know your sport, the sport players etc, it is very much about who has the best statistical model and who has access to the most detailed sports player data.

As someone who may be a big fan of sport, and thinking that they would have a good chance of winning money in DFS, think again. You are pitted against statistical modelling experts who deliberately target games that mostly have new players to DFS. In fact, it has been alleged that those who are extremely good at DFS have been known to collaborate among themselves and not compete with each other. Thereby creating a sustainable winning formula shared by the experts.

We therefore want our readers to be aware that DFS is not what is appears to be. In fairness, DFS is legal in Missouri and many DFS onshore operators accept Missouri players.

Top3 Missouri Online Bingo Sites

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Missouri Bingo Legality

Missouri bingo laws are stipulated under Charitable gaming state legislation. These laws provide for the licensing of non profit organizations to operate bingo games. At present, these laws do not address nor permit online bingo by onshore operators. Accordingly, online bingo sites that do accept Missouri players are based offshore (which is the same as online casinos and sports betting sites).

The recommended online bingo sites all accept players from Missouri. They offer advanced features that include instant messaging, fun bingo games and protocols that ensures bingo participants play together in a civil enjoyable manner. Due to the social aspect of bingo, there is a cultural aspect to bingo which cannot be found with casino or sports betting. As an example, A LOT of acronyms form part of instant chat messaging. If you are not familiar with online bingo lingo, do not be afraid, learning it is one of the most fun parts!

Legal Minimum Gambling Age

The legal minimum gambling age is 21.

Gambling Laws

  • Onshore online operators are unlawful.
  • Offshore online operators are not prohibited nor permitted.
  • Licensed excursion gambling boats and floatation facilities are authorized to operate slots and table games
  • Horse race betting, pari-mutuel wagering and simulcast are lawful on international and interstate simulcast at licensed racetrack facilities
  • Bingo is authorized for charitable organizations

Gambling Taxes

  • Riverboat casinos pay 21% gross gaming revenue; there is a $2 per patron admission fee, per excursion, which is divided between the home dock community and Missouri state
  • Tax revenues from lottery and casino activity funds education, veteran programs and other charitable purposes.

Regulation and Governance

Missouri Gaming Commission

Gambling Legislation

Missouri State Code and Revised Statutes

Missouri Gambling Market Developments


  • Riverboat casinos were approved in 1993 and must be located within 1000 feet of an approved river. Not all casinos are open 24 hours, and the hours in which they may operate are listed for each casino;
  • State law provides for a maximum of 13 riverboat casinos. All 13 licenses have now been issued;
  • The laws on online gambling are relatively soft and players are free to engage in online gambling activity.

September 2015

Diamond Game Enterprises, a subsidiary of INNOVA Group, have signed, a one year, extension contract with the State Lottery which allows INNOVA to continue its installation of its LT-3 ticket dispensers across the state.

January 2016

Representative Scott Fitzpatrick introduced a bill to exempt daily fantasy sports from the definition of illegal gambling under state law. HB 1941 is expected to be discussed in the first legislative session and will prompt lawmakers to consider other issues, such as possible taxation, which surround DFS operations in the state.

June 2016

State Governor, Jay Nixon, signed the Missouri Fantasy Sports Consumer Protection Act, (HB 1941) into law. The bill empowers the Gaming Commission to license and regulate the activity. License application fees were set at $50,000 and tax at 11.5% of gross gambling revenue, operators already targeting the market must submit license applications by 1 October 2016.

February 2017

Concurrent bills were introduced to the House and Senate to authorize video lottery terminals in bars, restaurants and fraternal/veterans’ organisations provided they hold a valid liquor license. HB990 and SB452 would authorize the State Lottery Commission to implement and regulate VLT operations and oversee the licensing of operators. Initial license fees were proposed at $50k with a $5k annual renewal cost, tax was set at 35% of gross win.

February 2018

Senator Hoskins introduced SB767 – The Missouri Video Lottery Control Act, to authorize the State Lottery Commission to implement and regulate VLT operations and oversee the licensing of operators. The bill would set a maximum stake limit of $2 per play and would establish a 36% gross win tax rate and an initial licence fee of $50k for operators.

House Representative Bart Korman filed HB2320 to offer sports betting on professional and collegiate events provided PASPA is repealed, to licensed operators of gambling boats and fantasy sports contests.

March 2018

Senator Danny Hoskins proposed an amendment to SB767 to authorize sports betting in the state provided PASPA is repealed. The bill initially only sought to legalize video lottery terminals, however, the language added by Senator Hoskins would permit riverboat casinos to offer land-based and online sports wagering. SB 767 would impose a 12% gross win tax on sports betting and an initial licensing fee of $10k.

July 2018

It was reported that legislators are expected to consider the regulation of sports betting when they reconvene for the 2019 Session in January. It is expected that the taxation rate will be in excess of 10% of gross win and that supply will be limited but not just to the state’s casinos.

November 2018

Voters in the November ballot approved Amendment 4 by a majority of 52.2% to amend the state constitution to remove the prohibition on the advertisement of bingo games.

December 2018

Senator Hoskins pre-filed Senate Bill 44 ahead of the 2019 regular session to regulate sports betting on riverboat casinos and via online channels. The Bill stated that licensed facilities may offer online sports betting to players physically located in the state, subject to in-person registration. SB44 would impose a 12% gross win tax rate, plus a 2% administrative fee and an initial license fee of $10k, with $5k annual renewal fee.

House Bill 119 was pre-filed ahead of the 2019 legislative session to regulate land-based and online sports betting. HB119 proposed an integrity fee for licensed operators of 0.75% turnover to be directed to sports leagues, plus an additional fee of 0.25% turnover.

For bets placed on NCAA football and Division 1 basketball. Operators would be required to pay an additional 6.25% gross win tax, together with a $5k annual license fee for five (5) years, with a further $10k payable at the end of that period.

February 2019

Representative Ross introduced a Bill which would regulate sports betting on designated gambling boats and over the Internet. SB 44 would enable in-person betting on licensed boats as well as on online channels. Online licences would cost $10,000, with annual renewals set at $5,000. Operators would be taxed at a rate of 12% Gross Win, plus a 2.5% administration fee. A further administration fee of 0.5% turnover would be applied once per quarter payable to the Commission.

April 2019

State Representative Dan Shaul put forward HB 423, a bill that would allow any authorized Missouri Lottery retailer that sells alcohol to install up to five video slot machines on their premises, while fraternal and veteran organisations would be allowed to operate 10 machines.

June 2019

Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd filed a lawsuit against Integrity Gaming who had installed gaming machines in a number of convenience stores in the state. Mr Zahnd claimed the machines were illegal under state law, however, Integrity Gaming contest that as the result is based purely on chance they are legal in the state.

December 2019

Lawmakers in Missouri pre-filed legislation to legalize and regulate sports betting. SB567 would allow the Missouri Gaming Commission to authorize sports betting at the state’s excursion gambling boats or over the internet. The tax rate would be set at 9% of gross revenues. SB754 would allow for online and land-based sports betting and mobile betting within the licensed facility’s gaming area, restaurants and hotel. If passed both would come into effect in August 2020. Similar bills were introduced this year but failed to pass before the end of the 2019 legislative session.

February 2020

Legislation to classify unregulated ‘skill based’ gaming machines in the state as gambling devices was immediately shelved on introduction to the Senate. In classifying the devices as gaming machines the bill would therefore deem them illegal. Legislators rejected the initial proposal and stated their intention to amend the bill to legalize the machines and direct the Gaming Commission to develop regulations to govern the activity and license operators. Local media sources estimated c14,000 unregulated ‘skill based’ gaming machines were currently in operation across the state.

Is it legal to gamble for real money online in Missouri?

Gambling laws vary for each type of game. Online games are not permitted to be offered by onshore gaming operators. As a result, online operators are based offshore at regulated and licensed jurisdictions. Missouri players are accepted by the offshore operators. In regards, to player legality, the laws neither explicitly declare online gambling as illegal or legal. As a result Missouri players can continue to enjoy playing online games.

What is the legal minimum age to play at online casinos?

Legal minimum ages vary from online casino to online casino, however their requirement is that the higher of the player’s jurisdiction the the online casino’s own legal minimum is taken to be the determine age limit. Therefore, for Missouri players the legal minimum age is 21.