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Despite Texas being one of the few U.S. states that specifically prohibits online gambling, including both local and overseas platforms, online casinos based outside of the state continue to accept players from Texas.

Irrespective of this law, players continue to play at offshore regulated and license gaming providers. To this date there has been no charges, fines and any law enforcement taken on Texas players. Playing at online casinos is seen as comparable to jay walking.

There is in reality only one casino permitted to operate in the state. (Technically another is operating but it holds only a handful of slot machines).

Sports betting is illegal onshore. Offshore, there are many online sports betting sites that accept Texas residents. Alternatively, Texas residents can travel to New Mexico or Arkansas where sports betting is legal.

Daily Fantasy Sports has a contentious year in 2019 with pro and against parties taking legal action and settling out of court. DFS remains illegal along with sports betting.

Bingo Halls are a plenty in the state, with over hundreds operated by non for profit organizations. Online bingo is available through offshore sites and accept players from Texas.

Online Gambling

  • Offshore online casino providers accept players from Texas.
  • There are no state regulated online onshore operators
  • Texas State Lottery (State monopoly) holds exclusive license over lottery products
  • Class II gaming is operated within the territory of the Kickapoo Tribe
  • There is one riverboat casino commercially operated within the State
  • Bingo is operated on a charitable basis

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The popularity of Texas Online casinos is rapidly growing so we have compiled the above recommended list that comprises of rigorously tested and assessed casinos. All Texas Online Casinos are based offshore. Often players are concerned that these casinos may actually reside in unregulated markets. That is true for some of them, but the ones on our list have been checked thoroughly for the compliance and jurisdiction. All five are licensed and are required to fulfil strict compliance reporting. You can be assured of the fair play and professionalism that these casinos will provide.

The recommended casinos all have the latest SSL encryption technology to facilitate banking methods. Credit cards (as an example) are protected for your details, encrypted and safely secured to process a transaction. That being said, cyber crime attacks on online casinos are extremely low risk, but no chances are taken by the top online casinos we recommend.

You will see that the recommended online casinos have competitive casino bonuses. You will not find many (if any at all) other online casino bonuses that would beat our selection.

In balancing all the factors that have been mentioned, our top online casinos for Texas players is El Royale. Not only does it offer a really good Welcome Bonus, but it also provides the smoothest gaming action and a diverse game selection.

Read our review: El Royale for Texas Players

Sports Betting

Sports betting onshore remains illegal for physical and mobile betting. Online sports betting sites, however, do exist and they are based offshore. Similar to online casinos, there are a handful of sports betting sites that are strictly regulated and are licensed. These sites accept Texas bettors, with no precedence of any bettor being informed of a breach in law, let alone charged with a misdemeanor or felony.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is the new kid on the block and is very much a new gaming experience that has been created in the past few years. It is considered a game of skill by many which requires bettors to create a fictitious team based on real players. The performance of the real sports players in real life determine how successful the fictitious team is. As a result, it truly is those with the most “skills” will win.

The two key DFS providers are DraftKings and FanDuel. They have the largest pool prizes and the best rewards. On this site, we do not actively promote daily fantasy sports as we understand that it is a game of “skill” which is being exploited by bettors who have the best risk modelling. That is, it isn’t nearly about how well you know your sport, the sport players etc, it is very much about who has the best statistical model and who has access to the most detailed sports player data.

As someone who may be a big fan of sport, and thinking that they would have a good chance of winning money in DFS, think again. You are pitted against statistical modelling experts who deliberately target games that mostly have new players to DFS. In fact, it has been alleged that those who are extremely good at DFS have been known to collaborate among themselves and not compete with each other. Thereby creating a sustainable winning formula shared by the experts.

We therefore want our readers to be aware that DFS is not what is appears to be. In addition DFS is actually illegal in Texas. The Attorney General declared explicitly that DFS is illegal under State Law, with DraftKings and FanDuel challenging this decision in the court of law. While DFS technically remains illegal, DraftKings and FanDuel continue to accept players from Texas.

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Top 3 Texas Online Bingo Sites

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Texas bingo laws are stipulated under Charitable gaming state legislation. These laws provide for the licensing of non profit organizations to operate bingo games. At present, these laws do not address nor permit online bingo by onshore operators. Accordingly, online bingo sites that do accept Texas players are based offshore (which is the same as online casinos and sports betting sites).

The recommended online bingo sites all accept players from Texas. They offer advanced features that include instant messaging, fun bingo games and protocols that ensures bingo participants play together in a civil enjoyable manner. Due to the social aspect of bingo, there is a cultural aspect to bingo which cannot be found with casino or sports betting. As an example, A LOT of acronyms form part of instant chat messaging. If you are not familiar with online bingo lingo, do not be afraid, learning it is one of the most fun parts!

Legal Minimum Gambling Age

  • 21 for pari-mutuel and riverboat casino
  • 18 for lottery and charitable bingo

Gambling Laws

  • Online gambling and onshore online operators are expressly prohibited by State law
  • Commercial land based casinos and sports betting are prohibited at law
  • Pari-mutuel wagering on horse and dog racing, as well as simulcast is authorized under State law
  • Texas State Lottery is authorized to offer instant online lottery products; Bingo activity is authorized for charitable gaming
  • Class II gaming is authorized within the Kickapoo Tribe territory, which is governed by federal law.
  • All other tribal territories are governed by state law, and are therefore prohibited from offering Class II or III gaming activities

Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel

This fantastic casino resides along the Rio Grande, only a few miles from Piedras Nebraska. The food is delicious and cheap, but the drinks can be a touch on the high side. A great variety of slot machines which is awesome for slot players. On the downside, can become quite smoky.

In summary, not a Vegas style casinos, but still offers a gaming experience that beats travelling five hours to Louisiana.

Gambling Taxes

The surplus from the State Lottery is circulated to fund state education;
A 3% levy is placed on the rental costs of bingo facilities.

Regulation and Governance

Texas Lottery Commission

Gambling Legislation

Texas Gambling Market Developments


Texas has traditionally been privy to strict laws on gambling;
There have been many failed attempts to expand gambling within the state through the introduction of casino resorts;

Numerous attempts were also made to authorize VLTs at licensed horse and greyhound tracks, as well as those operated by Native tribes, though these were unsuccessful.

December 2010

Texas Lottery Commission announced the award of a nine-year contract to GTECH Corporation for lottery operations and services. The agreement was projected to save over US$160m through the life of the contract.

December 2014

A study into discontinuing the State lottery, was commissioned, which opposed ending State lottery operations. However, on 12 December 2014 Texas Lottery announced it would suspend sales of the multi-state Monopoly Millionaires’ Club game, due to a failure to meet revenue targets. The suspension came less than two months after the game was launched;

January 2015

The casino ship Golden Nugget announced it had changed its name to the Pride of Texas Casino and would be based out of Aransas Pass. The ship was relocated to shorten the distance to international waters, where gambling activity is legal.

March 2015

State Representative Joe Deshotel introduced HB3829, to authorize houses of gambling (land-based casinos) within a First-tier coastal county or Second-tier County, or any county within 100miles of the aforementioned in Texas. Revenue generated from casino activity would be circulated to the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association. The Bill was introduced with HJR 142, which would require a minimum of 100 votes out of 150 members to progress as a constitutional amendment, in order to authorize land-based
casinos in Texas. For procedural reasons, HB 3829 would also require a Senate Sponsor.

September 2015

The Texas Racing Commission has been granted funding for 90 days of operation after State lawmakers withheld the support after a dispute over historical racing terminals. The Commission was accused of abusing their authority after they voted to allow the terminals to be installed in all state racing tracks. The State Legislative Budget Board, opposed the decision by temporarily cutting-off the commission’s operational funding, forcing the
state’s racing tracks to suspend operations on September 01 2015.

January 2016

Attorney General, Ken Paxton, declared daily fantasy sports as prohibited gambling. In a public statement, Paxton highlighted, that Texas law prohibits any bet or wager, on a sporting performance if a share of that money is taken by a “house.”

March 2016

Leading daily fantasy sports operators, FanDuel, announced it will cease to operate in the state following the ruling of Attorney General Ken Paxton. From 1 May 2016 citizens of Texas will only be permitted to use the free to play versions of the game.

October 2016

The State Lottery awarded a six (6) year contract extension to IGT to provide operational support and services to the State Lottery. The company has fulfilled this role since the lottery was established in 1992.

February 2017

House Representative Richard Raymond introduced HB1457 to classify daily fantasy sports contests as a game of skill, exempting them from the state’s definition of illegal gambling. The bill sets out a number of consumer protection measures but does not include a full regulation framework or propose taxation rates or license fee costs.

October 2018

The State Lottery awarded a six (6) year contract extension to Scientific Games for instant game services. The company has supply the State Lottery’s instant game portfolio since the lottery was established in 1992.

December 2018

House Representative Joe Deshotel introduced legislation to authorize casino gambling in certain coastal counties. The bill, HJR36, proposed a constitutional amendment to authorize the Texas Lottery Commission to issue a maximum of six commercial licenses to operate casinos within the State with a stipulated tax rate of 18% of gross win.

February 2019

House Representative Eddie Lucio III introduced H1275 to authorize sports betting in the state provided a majority of voters in the nest statewide referendum approve the measure. The bill provided for five (5) licenses which would include the right to operate mobile sportsbooks under two (2) skins and proposed a tax rate of 6.25% of handle;

Senator Carol Alvarado introduced legislation to authorize casino gambling in certain coastal counties. The bill, SJR42, proposed a constitutional amendment to authorize the Texas Lottery Commission to issue a maximum of six commercial licenses to operate casinos within the State with a stipulated tax rate of 18% of gross win. House Representative Joe Deshotel introduced a similar bill to the House.

October 2019

Voters in Jefferson County will be asked whether to permit pari-mutuel wagering on horse races and simulcast races on the November referendum. If approved, stakeholders in the county intend to develop a local racetrack to offer pari-mutuel betting.

July 2020

The Texas Lottery has expanded its in-lane offering by allowing players the opportunity to purchase Mega Millions and Powerball tickets at cash registers at selected stores


Is it legal to gamble online in Texas?

Gambling laws vary for each type of game. Online games are not permitted to be offered by onshore gaming operators. As a result, online operators are based offshore at regulated and licensed jurisdictions. Texas players are accepted by the offshore operators. In regards, to player legality, the laws neither explicitly declare online gambling as illegal or legal. As a result Texas players can continue to enjoy playing online games.

What is the legal minimum age to play at online casinos?

Legal minimum ages vary from online casino to online casino, however their requirement is that the higher of the player’s jurisdiction the the online casino’s own legal minimum is taken to be the determine age limit. Therefore, for Texas players the legal minimum age is 21.

Is DFS legal in Texas?

The Texas Attorney General declared in November 2019 that DFS is illegal in the State of Texas. This is being challenged in court by DraftKings and FanDuel. Even though, DFS is illegal and remains unregulated in Texas, DraftKings and FanDuel continue to accept players from Texas.

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