US Online Live Casinos

People love the experience of playing with Live Dealers. This interaction brings a level of trust in the fairness of the game’s odds, while also satisfying a sense of community among players. It’s crucial to mention that some U.S. states do not allow Live Dealers. For example, casino gambling in any form is banned in states such as Hawaii and Utah. Conversely, states like Nevada, New Jersey, and Oregon do allow Live Dealers in casinos. Meanwhile, Montana permits electronic table games, but excludes those involving a Live Dealer.

Given, the crazy times of Covid 19, many US players are now turning to online Live Casinos (also known as Live Dealers). Understandably for players who are accustomed with playing with Live Dealers the thought of playing at a RNG online table game can be a huge leap of faith. There is a lot of skepticism among players who are accustomed with playing with a Live Dealer, and therefore the opportunity to play at a Live Casino with a real Live Dealers provides immense comfort that the odds are legit.

In short this articles explains:

1 – The experience of playing at Online Live Casinos

2 – What type of games are available

3 – Legality of Playing at Online Live Casinos

4 – Legal Minimum Age

Experience Live Casinos

Many players are uncertain of what to expect when playing at online casinos – it’s intangible to a degree because many of the games are RNG. Plus accessibility and promptness to a dealer or support is at the mercy of the operator, and this deters many from placing trust with playing online.

On the other hand, when players (especially those who like to play table games), venture to a land based casino with real Live Dealers, they perceive a greater sense of fair play. They can see the ball rolling on the roulette wheel, or they can see the cards being dealt in a blackjack hand. The randomness is “truly” random and not computer generated which often is thought to be rigged.

At a land based venue, there is also human interaction between players, dealers and staff. Human interaction is very much a great need among society, and therefore playing with human interaction is something that is intuitively valued. Naturally with online casino games that are purely based on RNG and with no other player interaction, the gaming experience isn’t quite as enjoyable as playing with Live Dealers.

Many new players are at times reluctant to try Live Dealers via the internet, and that is understandable given how new Live Dealers is. However, there are a few high quality live casino providers that are authentic, innovative and just as enjoyable as being in a land based casino.

Their variety of games contain the favorites of blackjack, roulette and baccarat. Yet to be popular is craps, sic bo and pai gow, however anticipate that these too will soon be available due to increasing demand.

A seat is available

As with land based casinos, live casinos require you to sit at a seat at a table. The number of seats at a table can vary between live casinos and game type. In general that are between 7 to 10 seats and you can choose which seat if several are empty. Exactly the same as a land based casino.

Often at a land based, if the casino is extremely busy you will find it difficult to find a spare seat. This too may occur with a Live Casino, however due to their agility in meeting increased players, they can quickly accommodate for new tables with additional dealers. There is rarely an issue with finding a table with an empty seat.

Live Casino Bonuses

What you won’t find at a land based casino are bank roll credits or bonuses. The perks come in different forms, such as discounted meals, free beverages of discounted hotel room rates. But, with live casinos they will provide it to you as a credit to your bank roll. Many players prefer to have more playing money, than a free meal. Of course, this is subjective, but in general casino bonuses in the wallet are preferred.

Chat features

Live casinos also offer chat features that can connect dealers, staff and players interactively. This is in addition to talking over the internet and “zooming”. It’s a great feature and a new way of expressing one’s self in the new age world of technology.

Let’s now explore some of the games available at Live Casinos.

Live Blackjack

At many online live casinos you will be able to experience state of the art HD blackjack streamed directly to your playing device. Blackjack is the most popular table game around the world, so it’s no surprising that you will find many varieties of live blackjack.

Normally seating is 7 to 10 at a live blackjack table, that includes chat features, and functionality that allows players to submit their decisions quickly and easily. Some even allow advanced submission, even before the dealer arrives at their turn.

With the many version available, you will be able to find double downs, side bets, blackjack insurance, and early surrender to reduce loses. It truly is amazing the variety that is out there for blackjack.

We now explore some of the Live Blackjack features at Live Casinos.

Play quick, play fast with advanced decisions

Are you tired of slow blackjack games, because either the Dealer is slow or other players are taking their time. Well guess what, you don’t have to wait any longer. You can now put in advance, immediately after your cards have been dealt your decision. Do you know you are already going to stand? Submit it, and the Dealer will immediately know to skip you, and move immediately to the next play. In fact, it’s such a brilliant feature, that players and dealers enjoy the speed and excitement.

Unlimited Bet Behinds

Sometimes you see other players going on a hot streak, and you want a piece of their action, because you know you want to tag along with their winning streak. At land based casinos, it is impossible to have unlimited bet behinds. Logistically, it cannot be catered for. However, at a live casinos, you can bet behind as many times as you like and there is no limit to how many players can also bet behind!

Blackjack Playing Cards

Live Casinos bring forth the same experience as land based. So much so, that they use the same style playing cards as land based casinos. This means, you experience the same professionalism that you would expect playing at any quality Vegas Casino.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat used to be perceived as only an Asian favorite. If you cast your mind to Macau casinos, you will find plenty of VIP Asian players having the time of their lives playing baccarat. The love of baccarat has now spread across the world with players from all walks of life enjoying the real money action.

Live Baccarat comes with HD streaming, WSOP camera angles where you can select that action that you want to see (or even all at once), chat features interact with dealer and other players.

Live Roulette

You will be able to find bother American and European Roulette at Live Casinos. The American version of roulette is whereby there is a double zero. This differs to the European version where there is only the singly digit zero.

Live Roulette provides that same quality gaming as land based plus more. What do you get via Live Casino Roulette? You can see the hot and cold trends for as long as possible for various data sets such as black and red, odd and even, the list goes on and on. You have HD streaming to your playing device, chat features to talk to other players and the dealer and plenty of camera angles for you to check out the action,

Legality of Live Casinos

Playing at Live Casinos is usually a gray area in the law for many US States. In general, the majority of US States have yet to update their gambling laws to address internet gambling. However, with explicit laws that forbid local gambling operators (unless licensed and approved), only offshore operators can therefore accept US Players.

As a Player, there laws are extremely unclear. And therefore many US Players are taking up Live Casinos, replacing attending land based casinos.

Live Casino Legal Minimum Age

The legal minimum age to play at Live Casinos vary according to each US State. Usually the Live Casino will advise their own minimum legal age and some will even use the higher of the players jurisdiction and their own minimum age rules. Therefore you will often find that the legal minimum age will be 21. Live Casinos for 18+ are extremely rare.

About Live Casinos

Live Casinos are becoming extremely popular among US players. With the ability to remain safe, and new advanced features, players and enjoying the excitement of Live Casinos just as they would at a land based casino.