Where to Buy Cannabis in Queensland

At present, the acquisition of cannabis for leisure use is illegal in Queensland. According to the state law in Queensland, the possession, consumption, distribution, and cultivation of cannabis are unlawful activities. Individuals caught breaching these regulations could be subjected to penalties including monetary fines, incarceration, and the imposition of a criminal history.

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However, medical cannabis is legal in Queensland for patients who have been prescribed it by a medical professional. Patients who have been approved for medical cannabis can purchase it through authorized pharmacies or through a government-approved supplier.

To obtain medical cannabis in Queensland, patients must first obtain a prescription from a medical professional who is authorized to prescribe medical cannabis. This typically involves a consultation with a doctor who specializes in cannabis medicine or who has experience in treating the medical condition that the patient is seeking to treat with medical cannabis.

Once a prescription has been obtained, patients can purchase medical cannabis through authorized pharmacies or through a government-approved supplier. It is important to note that medical cannabis can be expensive and is not covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

It is important to note that buying or using cannabis for recreational purposes in Queensland is illegal and can result in serious legal consequences.