White Widow Cannabis Review

White Widow is a legendary cannabis strain that has mesmerized enthusiasts for decades. Famous for its potent effects and the distinctive white trichomes covering its buds, White Widow continues to be a preferred choice among cannabis connoisseurs.

In this article, we will discuss where to buy White Widow in Australia, the seeds, how to grow it, the origins, characteristics, effects, compare it to other strains, and its legal status in Australia.

Key Information

StrainWhite Widow
THC %18-25%
AromaEarthy, woody, flowery
OriginNetherlands (created by Green House Seeds)
EffectsRelaxation, euphoria, happy, creative, uplifted
Flowering Time8-9 weeks
Growing EnvironmentBoth (can be grown indoors or outdoors)

Where to Buy White Widow

White Widow is a popular strain Australia, however it unfortunately cannot be purchased legally online at any site.

Those sites which purport to be able to sell White Widow and deliver directly and discretely to you are scam sites which are to be avoided.

White Widow Seeds

Scam sites also project the ability to sell White Widow seeds online. The sale of seeds remains illegal across Australia, including the ACT.

How to Grow White Widow

White Widow is a relatively easy strain to grow, making it a great option for beginners. It prefers a warm and sunny climate and can be grown indoors or outdoors. It has a flowering time of around 8-9 weeks and can produce a high yield when grown correctly.


White Widow was first bred in the Netherlands in the 1990s by crossing a Brazilian sativa with a South Indian indica strain. It quickly gained popularity due to its high THC content and potent effects.


White Widow is known for its dense and sticky buds, covered in a thick layer of white trichomes. It has a unique aroma of earthy, woody, and spicy notes and produces a smooth smoke when consumed. White Widow is a potent strain with high THC levels, making it ideal for recreational and medicinal use.


White Widow is known for its cerebral and energizing effects. It can produce a creative and uplifting high, making it a popular choice among artists and musicians. It is also used for medicinal purposes to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

Compare to other strains

Compared to other strains, White Widow is known for its potent effects and high THC content. It produces a cerebral high that can be energizing and uplifting, making it a great option for daytime use. Its unique aroma and flavor profile set it apart from other strains.

Legal Status in Australia

Cannabis is illegal for recreational use in Australia, but some states have legalized it for medicinal purposes. Patients with certain conditions can access medicinal cannabis with a prescription from a doctor. However, it is essential to check the laws in your state before purchasing or consuming any cannabis products.


White Widow is a classic and popular cannabis strain known for its potent effects and unique characteristics. It is a great option for both recreational and medicinal use, and it can be found in most cannabis dispensaries across Australia. When growing White Widow, it is important to ensure that you purchase high-quality seeds and follow proper cultivation techniques. As with any cannabis strain, it is crucial to check the legal status in your state before purchasing or consuming.