[AK] Alaska Bingo, Casino and Sports Betting [2024]

Alaska is often associated with its cold climate, but it could also be a hotspot for impressive profits! While it may seem like a stereotypical opener, it’s true that online casinos provide more than a cold ambiance. Situated in the northwest part of North America, Alaska does not have any physical casinos, nor does it host any venues for slot machines or card games.

Online Gambling

There are no state regulated online onshore operators. All forms of commercial casino gambling is prohibited. However, there are online offshore operators that accepts players from Alaska.

Alaska only one of a handful of US States that does not operate a state lottery. In addition it does not participate in any intra-state lottery schemes such as Powerball or Mega Millions as well. There are no commercial land based casinos because they are prohibited by law. Tribal casinos are permitted in accordance with tribal compacts with the Federal government.

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Gambling Laws

  • Permitted are licensed tribal casinos that operate on Indian land.
  • Licensed charitable gaming is also permitted, such as bingo, pull tabs, raffles and lottery.
  • There is no explicit law that prohibits online gambling, however there is explicit prohibition of onshore commercial operators.
  • Casino gambling is therefore deemed illegal onshore, however cruise ships are permitted to said into international waters and offer gaming.
  • Social gaming is permitted in the State.

Legal Minimum Age for Gambling

The legal minimum age for gambling is 19 for bingo.

Gambling Taxes

• Charitable gaming incurs a tax of 1% based on net proceeds.
• Pull tabs incur a 3% tax.

Regulation and Governance

Department of Revenue Tax Division

Gambling Legislation

Alaska Statutes

Gambling News

Relative to other US States, Alaska has one of the most prohibitive gambling laws.

There are only a handful of exceptions:

  • Some cruise ships are permitted to set sail from within Alaska borders to international waters and offer casino gaming.
  • Department of Revenue Tax Division overseas charitable gambling and enforces the law strictly.

February 2020 – Lottery laws again were attempted to be amended, this time with Governor Mike Dunleavy putting forward SB 188. This senate bill would permit the operation of a state run lottery. Products would include lottery draws, scratch cards and participation in multi-jurisdiction lottery. Alaska remains one of a handful of states that does not offer lottery.

March 2017 – Lottery laws were attempted to be amended by Senator Click Bishop. He put forward SB78 – the Senate Education Committee – which would permit a state lottery to operate. The senate bill was not passed.

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